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Kids these days are hard to be entertained. Else, they keep bothering you and everybody needs a peace of mind then and there, right? Children between the age of two to five love to color. That is an established fact. There are not enough coloring books in the world for them. Of course you can let them use MS Paint. But having them see a computer screen for so long bothers me somehow.

This is where Shapes Coloring Book comes in to the picture. It is a Windows mobile app which consists of a lot of pictures for the kids to color. Of course that is not all it offers? Let’s take a quick look.


Do you know how tough it is and how much effort it takes to sketch something? I sure know how seeing as I’m not really gifted in the sketching department. I draw something, find it stupid, erase it and redraw from scratch. After a while, I end up with an entire layer of paper erased off. Yikes!

I recently found an app called Sketch Board. I was skeptical at first as usual. But I later found it to be a fun app to use. It’s just like using MS Paint in your desktop. I had always been a fan of sketching applications and I badly wanted to try this out. Now, let’s see all the features the app has to offer.