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While I find the whole Mac vs. PC debate quite pointless, there’s one good thing that came out of it: apps for each OS that bring in some desirable functionality from the other. For Mac OS X, there’s RightZoom which allows for true window maximization and Witch,¬†that offers more comprehensive window-switching.

For Windows, you can try Dexpot to get Exposé- and Spaces-like desktop behavior, and for the ubiquitous dock, you can try one of my favorite apps of all time РRocketDock.

RocketDock is an app launcher that puts a dock on your desktop with icons to launch apps from. It comes with a nice feature set and offers plenty of room for customization. If you love the OS X dock or simply enjoy a clutter-free desktop, you should definitely give it a try. Plus, there are lots of things it can do apart from displaying app shortcuts. Let’s take a closer look.


Windows has been steadily used for years and the design has largely remained the same. We are the users of Windows that want customization and to make the UI ours. With applications like Rocketdock, Rainmeter, Window Blinds, Emerge Desktop, and more, we can infinitely customize the user experience until our heart is content! Everything from icons to wallpaper to menu bars to widgets, we have the power to change!

Customizing your interface is easy, painless, and fun! Follow along as I show you what you will need!