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The way I stumbled upon Easus is a long story, but I will give you the shortened version of it here. After complaints from my wife and children that our desktop, a computer I rarely use, was slowing down, I decided to do a complete Windows reinstall, wiping out everything and starting fresh.

To do so, I used a free program known as Derrick’s Boot and Nuke, or “DBAN” for short. It is thorough. After booting to DBAN from an ISO on a CD, I set all drives to “wipe”. DBAN works very well. It erases everything to the point that it is unrecoverable. Unfortunately, one of those drives that was erased was my wife’s thumb drive, which contained files she had¬†inexplicably¬†stored nowhere else.

Panic lead me to a free app from Easus, a company I was already familiar with. A free app called Data Recovery promised to make every attempt to recover those lost files.