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I’m sure there are a lot of people like me who love cooking and want to try out new recipes every single day – or at least every weekend? Yes, the internet has a huge repository of great recipes but having your own database in your Windows phone is much cooler, don’t you agree?

I have been meaning to try a nice cook book app for a long time and BigOven suddenly struck my eye in the Windows Marketplace – pure luck, I guess. BigOven claims that it has over 250,000+ recipes and one million registered cooks from around the world. Well, clearly a lot of people are using it and it is time for me to try it out.


Summer is a time of relaxation. A time to rest after a hard years work and put your feet up. Many of us will hope to be in better shape for this time, and with summer quickly approaching, you need an effective way to keep fit! We all need an easy way to do this, however, it’s often very hard to achieve noticeable results over a short period of time.

Today, everyone has their phone on them. In my opinion, I recommend scrapping your books because your phone will be the best tool. They say “there’s an app for everything”, and they couldn’t be more right! The Windows Marketplace contains 100s of different apps suited towards improving your fitness and making you healthier. For a solid regime you need organization and something to motivate you to try harder!

I’ve picked out the best 50, sorting them into five different categories. Showing a wide variety of apps to possibly help you feel better about your shape and size. Read on to find out more!