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The clipboard might be the most useful thing we take for granted in our computers. The ability to take something in one program and insert it somewhere else using the same process whether dealing with text, an image, or a file makes editing and creating so much easier. The common area means that you don’t have to worry about if two programs know how to talk to each other, they both only have to know how to talk to the clipboard.

The biggest drawback to the traditional Windows clipboard is that it can only hold one item at a time. When you cut or copy an item into the clipboard, anything already there is now lost. Much of the time this works well. If you’re only copying or pasting a line of text from one document to another document or another place in the same document, you only need to hold one item. Otherwise, it tends to become a problem. Surely, there must be a way around this!


The clipboard is a feature of Windows that you probably give very little thought to, but the chances are that you make use of it every day. Need to look up a strangely spelled name or word that someone has mentioned in an email? Best to copy and paste it rather than risking spelling it wrong.

If you’re working on a lengthy document and want to re-order paragraphs, cutting and pasting is often the easiest form of editing and the clipboard is also used as a temporary store when you capture a screenshot with the Print Screen key. This is all very useful, but Clipboard Magic helps to make the clipboard even better.


There are many times you may wish to capture something from the screen for future use or reference. Up until now, you may have used a combination of print screen, a paint program to edit, and then a final copy to your application.

Techsmith has blown open the simple printscreen button to give you many and varied screen capture options but how does it work in practice, and does it really offer enough beyond your current print screen / edit process to warrant its ~£40 price tag? Let’s find out….