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Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo – all major software giants have a version of instant messenger. They are all free and have millions of loyal users. Many among of us have a problem with this picture. Our friends used to be scattered across all these IM platforms and there used to be an era where you’ll have to literally log into multiple apps to chat with your friends from various networks.

Trillian was the first multi platform chat client I encountered some eight years ago. It always had a free version and it has evolved a lot over all these years. Much has changed they way the app looks now and is way cooler than it used to be. Join me after the break to check out the newest avatar of Trillian.

Evolve is a small independently developed and published free client and website built for serious gamers.

Evolve is not game distribution software. It’s not set out to be a commercial program. It isn’t spammed with advertisements. It’s meant to work alongside other software. Unlike Steam, Origin,, Uplay, or most other programs out there, you can use it to centralise your entire gaming experience. Although often confused with them, it isn’t a replacement for any of the programs listed above.


Gamers rejoice! Like many other VoIP (Voice over IP) programs, Mumble is a free software program designed for vocal communication in mind in a digital age. What sets Mumble apart for gaming communication is the promise of high quality sound and low latency, all while minimizing the use of CPU resources.

This low-resource design makes Mumble a top notch choice for gamers when compared to more traditional VoIP programs such as Skype which take up large amounts of CPU RAM and resources. Mumbles interface and bonus features, however, are what really makes the difference while in game.


Perhaps the most basic requirement of any operating system is a good chat app. Windows 8 ships with the default Messaging app, but as it lacks Google Talk support, this essentially cripples that app. So in my quest to find Windows 8 apps for all of my day-to-day functions, I stumbled upon Chat.

The simply-named, even simpler program is one of many chat programs in the Windows 8 store that promise simple day to day use. But so far, I’d not stumbled upon a program that meets any of those promises, until I found Chat.


Back in December there was a brief flurry of excitement when a pre-release version of Facebook Messenger for Windows was leaked. Sadly the appearance of the software was short-lived and it wasn’t long before it disappeared again.

Three short months later, the app has been officially unveiled, and for anyone who just can’t get enough of the world’s most popular social network, it’s a seriously useful addition to the desktop.