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Amazons Weekly Deals, out of the blue, had a Windows Phone for sale at £90. Conditioned through years of crapware, instantly I assumed something was wrong. I’d never seen Windows Phones go on sale for this low but at this low a price, I didn’t wish to miss out on this opportunity to test out the hardware. After researching the phone for around five minutes I decided it was worth a shot.

That’s when the ZTE Tania came into my life. Is it worth showing up in yours? Let’s find out!


PCs are where gaming began and the gaming PC is the bonafide mother of gaming. Over the years building a gaming PC has given way to buying consoles but if anything, the rise of Steam and the recent slew of PC exclusives have shown that PC gaming is anything but dead.

Today, we’re going to talk about a budget build that will cost less than $750 and lets you play most recent games at high quality and with a respectable FPS.