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Last year when Apple released their iPhone 4s one of the major new releases was Siri. A voice control system which allowed you to manage your phone in a more interesting way. Now that Siri has been around a year, other companies to follow suit, trying to replicate this exciting new implementation of voice recognition.

One of the best Siri clones has been Ask Ziggy, an app which follows the same concept, but on the Windows Phone. Since buying my phone Ziggy has been a firm favourite of mine. Using it in everyday situations to settle debates and set reminders.

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Working to your highest potential in society is key. We constantly need to be reminded, hinted, or forced to do something which slipped our minds. Good productivity has always been the key to staying on top of your work.

Below, I’ve summarized eight of my favorite applications for Windows Phone for increasing the ease of your everyday life, helping you avoid distractions and always work at a high level. Read on to find out more!