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My name is Sydney and I’m an AppStorm writer, a freelance web designer, a beagle mom and a software enthusiast. I’m flexible when it comes to operating systems. My current setup is a Windows 8 desktop PC, a 13″ MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion, a jailbroken iPhone 4 and a decked out installation of Chrome synced between my computers. I spend a lot of time in my browser and I’m a huge fan of text expansion and shortcuts.

These are the apps that I couldn’t write without.


On Windows.Appstorm, over the next few weeks, the writers on the site are going to be giving you more information about their workflows. As the title suggests, each writer will show you the apps they use to help write the articles you read and love. The series will talk about the apps from a very personal view and if we’ve done reviews of the apps in the past we will link them. Alongside this we’ll add a brief paragraph introducing ourselves to you.

Think of this series as a “getting to know the writers”/ “learn about some fantastic apps which you should be using.” We hope you like it!