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As Windows 8.1’s launch draws near Microsoft has released a slew of updates to almost every single official application they have. The updates began rolling out a few hours earlier than the launch.


For the past few weeks now, the writers here at Appstorm have been giving you insights into the setups and applications that they use to do their writing. It’s been interesting to see how my fellow writers get the job done…and now, it’d finally my turn.

My name is Brian Wangila and I live in beautiful Nairobi, Kenya. By day, I’m the Lead Developer at Skyline Design – a local web development agency trying to make the web beautiful, one website at a time. By night, I’m a student pursuing my Computer Science degree online at the University of South Africa while writing articles for Appstorm and reviewing new funky gadgets. (more…)

So, first off, a little about me: I live in the UK, I’m from Guildford in Surrey, and currently live near Liverpool with my wife and one and a half year old son, both of whom are amazing. I work in Chester as a Web Developer, which is great fun, challenging and rewarding. For those of you who are interested my language of choice is C# and I do a lot of SQL and ASP.NET.

My commute is an hour and a half each way and I get most of my writing done on the train, so as to not miss out on time with the family. I have recently bought a Samsung Series 9 laptop which is an awesome bit of kit and allows me to work on the train without having to carry a heavy laptop around. Due to using a laptop a lot of the time, and being a developer at work, I love keyboard shortcuts over mouse use as I find it faster, especially when I’m on the laptop.


There is no shortage of music apps available, and many of them are free. I seem to try just about every one I find because, well, I love music and I am always on the hunt for these programs. I use apps to help clean up my library, I use special players, I backup music to Google Music and more.

My latest find is called MP3Jam. It is a simple but surprisingly capable free tool for locating and downloading anything from individual songs to entire albums.


My name is Sydney and I’m an AppStorm writer, a freelance web designer, a beagle mom and a software enthusiast. I’m flexible when it comes to operating systems. My current setup is a Windows 8 desktop PC, a 13″ MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion, a jailbroken iPhone 4 and a decked out installation of Chrome synced between my computers. I spend a lot of time in my browser and I’m a huge fan of text expansion and shortcuts.

These are the apps that I couldn’t write without.


The good folks here at AppStorm thought it may be of interest to take a look at how each of us works on a daily basis and now it is my turn to provide a bit of insight into what I use on a daily basis. Of course, being a freelance writer means I am not a normal use-case scenario as far a computer users goes, but perhaps some of you will find a few interesting things here that you can use in your everyday life.


Inevitably, an app store will revolve around several types of apps – with many different alternatives available. This is the case with any app store, with Windows 8 as well. Pocket is a popular application for reading blog posts and other content not right at the moment. Articles are saved in a queue – and there are several Pocket clients in the Windows app store that promise to fulfill this task.


An operating system is most useful in its day-to-day functions – functions like an RSS reader, a chat program, a note-taking app; and a news app. And, in theory, every political app reports on the news with absolutely no slant at all – because we all know how unbiased the journalism scene is.

Still, it’s no crime to want to read the news in a format that’s easy to use and comfortable to read in. Which news app for Windows 8 does the best job of this? Read on for more.


USB drives. Few people predicted that they would become as popular and as successful as they did. These portable storage devices can be used not only to move files between computers, but also act a security tools and can even house your entire software library.

We have covered various portable apps in the past, but you may well be wondering just what the point of USB-based software is. I thought I’d take the time to explain why I think portable apps are not only so useful, but also very important.


I love calendars. And when I say I love calendars, I mean I LOVE them. If there is a calendar app for a platform I use, I have used that app. One of my favorite calendar programs happens to be a desktop app for Windows called VueMinder. I used the free trial last fall and quickly fell in love with VueMinder and bought a Pro license.

VueMinder boasts itself as “the best calendar program for Windows” and I tend to agree. Let’s find out what sets VueMinder apart from other calendar apps.


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