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Ever get those times after either accomplishing something really awesome or having an exhausting day at work where you want to just sit down, kick your feet up, and play a game that only requires you to do some serious arcade-style shooting? Yeah, I do too. I finally got a chance to do just that today, and I decided to see what kind of new kids were on the block in the Windows 8 App Store.

I was immediately attracted to Violet Storm, which seemed very similar to Asteroids at first glance. In a nutshell, Violet Storm is a free, neon-styled, space shoot em’ up but with more action and power up capabilities when compared to Asteroids. Let’s just say that you could easily lose a few hours playing with this jewel.


With Windows 8, Microsoft has joined Apple in using application ‘marketplaces’ as a major location for users to obtain their app fix. Of course, this is just desktop following mobile trends as the App Store and Google Play easily predate the Windows 8 store.

Personally, I’m quite ambivalent about this recent trend. As much as I’m for usability and accessibility, users being allowed to only obtain software from said marketplaces isn’t too far away. Then again, Android devices use an app store as well as allow sideloaded applications so I may be wrong just set.

This week, I want your unadulterated views on the current app store situation. Are you for it and love the ease of use? Hate it because of the control it takes away? I’d love to know!

So vote away and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!