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There can be few web sites that are as well-known as Amazon; it is the go-to online store for everything from toilet paper to PCs. This is not surprising when you consider the sheer range of goods you can buy coupled with the range of merchants competing for customers and keeping prices down.

There are mobile apps available for iOS and Android, so it makes sense that a dedicated app should also be released for Windows. Amazon for Windows 8 brings the world of online shopping to your desktop in a dedicated app. We take a closer look.


We all love splurging on new items and the advent of the internet has made the process all the more easy. In this roundup, we’re going to be looking at the top Windows Phone apps to go shopping with, both through online services like Amazon and eBay to physical retail locations such as Best Buy and The Home Depot.


With the recent introduction of the full color 7″ multi-touch Kindle Fire, Amazon has positioned the Kindle in yet another burgeoning segment of the holiday shopping stratosphere for 2011. It truly appears that Amazon’s goal for the Kindle brand of products, by 2012, is to breach every nook and cranny of the shopper subconscious, and then eliminate any and all barriers to a purchase by the end of the holiday season.

Kindle for PC has opened Amazon’s doors to millions of new potential customers, and increased the demand for Amazon’s eBooks by redefining their strategy and broadening their approach to the sale of their digital media. Within this in depth review, we take a long look at the Windows based variant of Kindle, and attempt to paint a better picture of the competitive advantages that Amazon hopes to gain with the introduction of the product.