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The availability of 64-bit systems to the regular user is fairly recent, even though they started to be developed in the 60’s, based on UNIX architecture. Microsoft released their first 64-bit operative system with Windows XP in 2001, but the true landmark came with Windows Vista. Not only was the OS itself more 64-bit oriented, but computers were also sold with improved components, more oriented to run 64-bit software. Windows 7 also boosted the usage of this computer architecture.

When I got through all the advantages of having a 64-bit operating system, I tried to improve the piece of software I use the most on my PC: my web browser. I’ve been a Firefox lover since my first contact with it, so it was a bit disappointing when I found there is not any 64-bit release of it. However, I found the (almost) perfect solution: Pale Moon, a Firefox clone which offers an improved and optimized version oriented for 64-bit systems.