Samuel Scott: Apps I Couldn’t Write Without

On Windows.Appstorm, over the next few weeks, the writers on the site are going to be giving you more information about their workflows. As the title suggests, each writer will show you the apps they use to help write the articles you read and love. The series will talk about the apps from a very personal view and if we’ve done reviews of the apps in the past we will link them. Alongside this we’ll add a brief paragraph introducing ourselves to you.

Think of this series as a “getting to know the writers”/ “learn about some fantastic apps which you should be using.” We hope you like it!

Who Am I?

First of all, I’m Samuel and I’m a student who lives in the United Kingdom. I’ve written for Windows.Appstorm for nearly a year now and I also contribute to the Android and Web divisions of the site. I feel like I don’t stick to one operating and that’s why I currently own a Windows Phone, an Android Tablet and an Apple iPod. The only technology software I do stick to is Windows on my PC. I love experimenting with different systems and this allows me to experience variation.

Outside of writing I love to play badminton and take photographs with my DSLR. I also collect geeky graphic T-shirts from TV shows and films. These include: Lord Of the Rings, Star Wars and Doctor Who.

I don’t use a huge amount of apps when I write my articles but the ones I do are all fit for a specific purpose. Nearly every app I’m looking at today has been reviewed by me in the past so if you want to check them out they are linked up below. Hopefully you can find a way to use these apps in your workflow too.

The Apps


As a writer, making grammar mistakes aren’t good. Even the best of us make mistakes sometimes and whether this is due to a silly typo or lack of sleep it needs to be corrected. Ginger is the grammar checker I trust with all my articles. After I’ve finished writing I always load Ginger and let it run through my text.

Of course this is a deliberate mistake, but, as you can see Ginger easily lets me know.

The checker individually looks at every sentence and will give you the chance to change any mistakes you make. By doing this you’re going to pick up on anything you’ve done wrong. When Ginger finds a mistake it will also give you suggested words which you may mean. I love how clever Ginger is at picking up even the slightest of things and that’s why I wouldn’t submit an article without it — a lifesaver at times.

Ginger improves the quality of my workflow in an easy package!

Ginger: Windows.Appstorm Review


Music is something very important to me and it gives me some entertainment when I’m doing work or writing. However, something I don’t want to be doing is selecting which songs I want after one finished. This wastes time and distracts me from doing the important stuff. With Spotify I set a playlist away when I sit down to write and there is no need to do anything else.

Spotify: Every music lovers paradise.

Spotify is the king of desktop music players and seriously helps me when I’m working.

Spotify: Windows.Appstorm Review


When I first started writing I needed an image editing tool which allowed me to alter the pictures I put in my articles — I found Photoscape. This app is free and give you enough options to quickly change around your images. I mainly use Photoscape for resizing and as you would expect this is a pretty easy task. However, Photoscape offers something on top of this which is just as good — a batch editor.

The general interface of Photoscape

For example, I need to change eight images to 620px width. Instead of going into the normal editor and doing each one separately, I can drag all of them into the batch editor and then do it in one click. Until you start to use this you can’t imagine how much this speeds up your everyday life.

Photoscape is simple and this makes it great for my workflow!

Photoscape: Windows.Appstorm Review


We all need a browser on our computers and my personal choice is Firefox. I do shift to Chrome sometimes, but for writing I go Firefox all the way. This is because it supports Ginger (the grammar checker) opposed to Chrome. I also love the way Firefox looks and is structured.

Firefox is simple and easy to use.

Choice of browser is very important so remember to pick one which is most suited to what you need.

Windows 8 Email

While the rest of the apps you can use on every version of Windows, unfortunately this is specific for Windows 8 users.

As you probably know, Windows 8 is built up of apps and these do a variety of things. One app which really impressed me was the basic email system. With my Live account connected up it’s easy to quickly read my emails or talk to friends and colleagues. The best thing about it is it saves the effort of logging into Hotmail and instead gives me an accessible and beautiful way to manage my account.

Windows 8 Email is beautiful.

If you’re a Windows 8 user and don’t use the built in email system you’re really missing out.

Email: Windows.Appstorm Review


Social networks are important for me as I can follow/view all the important technology and web related accounts. These help me to gain more information and even sometimes get inspiration for my future articles. At the time I discovered Fliptoast I needed a tool which would collect all of my social networks into one easy format. In the past I had looked at other options but none fitted my needs.

Fliptoast is great for managing a wide range of social networks.

Fliptoast contains the perfect match of functionality and aesthetics, performing at a high level at all times. With this app I can quickly check Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I love it!

A great way to collate all your networks.

Fliptoast: Windows.Appstorm Review


All the apps above help me to write articles and blogs across the internet. Some of them I’m more reliant on, but all of them come in useful sometimes. If you want to download any of these apps follow the link to the full article and it will be there.

Thanks for reading! What’s your opinion on this new series? Did you enjoy learning about the apps I use? Let us know below!