Keeping Up To Date With Sports on Windows Phone

Lots of us enjoy watching sports and loyalties to sport teams who just happen to be named after the city we live in can become an extreme fascination. If you’re not getting your fix from sitting in front of your TV, from a news paper or some other medium, yet you’re equipped with a Windows Phone, this roundup might help you to stay consistently updated.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a major international sports network that’s app on Windows Phone makes it incredibly inconvenient to catch up on the latest scores and sports news. ESPN ScoreCenter features personalised scoreboards and live “look-ins” to get key statistics and information play-by-play, in addition to game summaries.

If you follow some speciifc sports team, ESPN’s app allows you to aggregate all their activity in one place, “myTeams”, which offer scoring updates and news from both ESPN and other local sources.

ESPN is updating the app over time with support for new teams, but it already includes major ones such as the NFL for American football, NBA for basketball, NHL for ice hockey and MLB for baseball.

Price: Free
Developer: ESPN Inc

At Bat 11

MLB’s At Bat 11 is Major League Baseball’s “one-stop-shop” for coverage of the basketball leagues news and statistics. At Bat 2011 allows users to stay up to date with coverage of over 30 MLB clubs as well as, for MLB.TV subscribers, watching video archives from the 2011 season.

MLB says to “stay tuned” for news on At Bat 12.

Price: Free
Developer: MLB Advanced Media, L.P


NBA Now is a pretty cool app that allows you to pin NBA games as tiles on your Windows Phone homescreen, choosing a refresh rate to provide live updates on ongoing basketball games. Inside the app itself, NBA Now provides current NBA scores, standings, news and tweets from the pros.

Like the majority of apps featured in this roundup, you’re able to set a specific NBA team as your favourite to get quick access to their scores and schedules.

The developer also has other apps with the same basic functionality set but covering different sporting leagues, including NASCAR, MLB, the NFL and the NHL.

Price: Free
Developer: SimzzDev


NFL Pro ’12 is a popular Windows Phone app in the Marketplace that boasts a four-and-a-half star rating from hundreds of users. The app allows you to follow your favourite team through a number of means, including checking up on rogress with the live radio function.

In addition to providing live scores, NFL Pro ’12 offers up football news in addition to in-depth scoring summaries.

Developer Neuralnet also makes available counterpart apps for other sports, NBA Pro ’12 and NHL Pro ’12.

Price: Free
Developer: Neuralnet

NBA/NFL/AFL/NHL Season 2011-2012

If you’re an NBA fan, the NBA Season 2011-2012 app will keep you up-to-date with the current season of the National Basketball Association. The app has one of the best UIs of all the software featured in this roundup, and provides all the generic requirements for any sports app: schedules, RSS feeds, etc.

NBA Season 2011-2012 also features some pretty cool features like details on NBA venues complete with maps showing their location.

Yes, you guessed correctly; the developer has similar apps covering different sports leagues, specifically the NFL, AFL and NHL, priced individually.

Price: $1.29


SportsScores is a very simple utility that allows you to pin a couple of your favourite teams to a live team on your homescreen to see updates on their ongoing scores. Fortunately, offering somewhat of a break from the trend of the previous apps, this is an all-in-one piece of software that allows you to access multiple leagues within a single app.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Eric Davison


While we have covered some basketball-centric apps already in this roundup, there’s been nothing for NCAA college basketball. PocketBracket is all about March Madness, allowing users to manage their bracket right at the touch of their fingers.

I’m not really a sports guy in this regard, so I won’t embarass myself by attempting to use the terminology of this context. However, what I can say is that PocketBracket has a clean UI that makes whatever you want to achieve with the app seem like a breeze.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Pure Concepts, LLC

Scores! 2011-12

Football is a very popular sport and one that we haven’t yet covered in this roundup. Scores! 2011-12 allows you to follow your favourite teams from a selection of major leagues who’s scores can be added to a live tile on your homescreen.

Scores! 2011-12 will even offer up toast notifications when a game starts or when a score changes, ensuring you’re never late to knowing the action.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Pedro Fortes

Our busy lifestyles might not provide enough time to stay up-to-date with our national pastimes, but with these apps and your Windows Phone, it might get a little bit easy every time you have a break. If you’ve got a favourite we haven’t covered, let us know in the comments!