The 8 Games That Made a Gamer’s 2012

As we draw to the year’s close and are still alive (what’s up Mayans?), what’s better than using this time to find and play the best games of 2012? Well, a lot could be, but I am speaking from a gamer’s perspective.

Year 2012 saw some amazing titles come up, but what really made 2012 special were the awesome sequels to super-awesome franchises. Unsurprisingly, some of these sequels have made it to our list of 8 titles that rocked 2012. So, hold your breath as we unveil our super 8 for the year 2012!

The Super 8

#8 Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution marked the return of Agent 47 in new shoes. An overdue sequel to Hitman: Blood Money, Absolution did impress people with the plethora of options, quality of missions and the overall feel to the game. The area where the game suffered was the narrative and the storyline, which seemed a little weak for a game like Absolution. Overall, the response to the game was mixed and people were left asking for more. Nevertheless, the game has enough goodies to get the 8th spot on our list.

Genre: Action-Adventure, Stealth
Price: $49.99

#7 NFS Most Wanted

NFS Most Wanted

NFS Most Wanted was to be the sequel to the legendary NFS:MW. While it was not as disappointing as NFS: Run, it was no way near the original title. Made by the developers of Burnout, the game lost out on its original feel and did not give gamers any major incentive to race around. Honestly, I did not feel anything NFS about the game, and dropped it at an early stage. However, the good part of the game was that it really got into the racing experience, giving you the option of upgrading on the fly, giving you access to a huge number of cars and a lot more. Overall, it gave a decent experience but was definitely not close to the NFS fare.

Genre: Racing
Price: $59.99

#6 Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja

A surprise hit, Mark of the Ninja is a side scroller that takes stealth gameplay to the next level. A simple 2D platformer, Mark of the Ninja banks upon its arsenal of tools, tricks and options that can be exercised for completing any mission you want. A super design, brilliant gameplay and flawless execution of levels make Mark of the Ninja a winner. The only thing that I disliked about the game was painfully short storyline and some imbalanced levels near the end of the game. I really wished that there was more to the story and some more missions to add hours to the game. Overall, it definitely deserves 6th on our list, if not higher.

Genre: Side-Scrolling, Stealth
Price: $14.99

#5 Halo 4

Halo 4

A sequel from the stable of Microsoft, Halo 4 has definitely held its place against some of the great first person shooters released in this year. It marks the return of Master Chief and the burgeoning evil of the Covenant (Yeah, the usual). The new campaign of the game is definitely one major reason it has got onto our list of top 8. However, Halo 4 is not limited to that and offers you a brilliant multiplayer, an amazing soundtrack and beautiful visuals. My only problem with the game is repetition, in different areas of the game. The weapons seem limited, the Covenant, as an opponent, is predictable and the story follows the regular crests and troughs. Nothing new, except that all of it is perfectly executed. And that is the reason why Halo 4 secures number 5 on our list.

Genre: First Person Shooter
Price: $59.99

#4 Assassins Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3 was definitely one of the major releases of this year. Marking the return of the famous gameplay, AC 3 brought in an amazing storyline, near perfect execution and some new aspects of the game. You have sea battles to look forward to, amazing historical events & a chance to participate in them, and a brilliant storytelling that sews the world together. With the exception of technical glitches and underdeveloped aspects, Assassins Creed 3 is definitely one of my favorite singleplayer games this year. A well-deserved 4th!

Genre: Action-Adventure, Stealth
Price: $49.99

#3 Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Step into Shepard’s shoes and experience the world of Mass Effect at number 3. Mass Effect 3 was definitely one of the brilliant releases of 2012. I clearly remember the amazing storyline and my role in shaping up the experience by choosing between different things during the game. One major feature of Mass Effect 3 was the impact these choices had on the game’s progress. With the exception of some technical glitches and AI mess-ups, ME 3 was a great experience for me.

Genre: Action Role-Playing
Price: $39.99

#2 Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a shooter alright, but it is definitely not limited to that. It is more of a journey that the player takes with the game. Seeing the transformation of the main characters, from cowards to killers, or from masters to slaves, Far Cry 3 offers you complete control over the experience. You have innumerable things to do on the island, innumerable ways to do them and innumerable outcomes to expect. Overall, leaving minor design quirks and some random missions here and there, Far Cry 3 is an epic shooter that definitely deserves the 2nd position on our list.

Genre: Action, Adventure
Price: $49.99

#1 Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us present to you the number one on our list, Borderlands 2!
“Oh yeah, like anyone else could have got that”-Handsome Jack

Borderlands 2 is THE game to have this year as it brings together almost everything you can expect in a game. Believable characters, coordination, a perfect storyline, an insane, psychopath of a villain and a superb continuity from the first iteration (Just writing this makes me want to play the whole game again). I think, with all the above elements combined, Borderlands 2 is the winner that has outshone the likes of Far Cry and Mass Effect. While I am not saying that it does not have its own quirks, such as lack of customization, I am definitely saying that the overall package is definitely better than all the others in 2012.

Genre: Action, Role-Playing
Price: $59.99


So, guys and gals, that’s our list of the 8 best games of 2012. If you think any other game deserves a slot in our ranking, feel free to give us a shout. Want to suggest a reordering of our list, let us know! Till then, happy gaming and thanks for reading!