Stay Connected to Your Office: Anytime, Anywhere

Haven’t taken a break for months due to heavy loads of work? Too sick(to be read as lazy) to go to your office today? Need to send an important presentation to your boss immediately at the middle of the night?

Well, it may always not be possible for you to be at your office at all the time. Be it heavy traffic on the roads or a long but well deserved vacation, there is always something to keep you out. In this fast paced corporate world these small things can put you in a spot. This is where your Windows phone can come in handy.

In this round up, we’re going to take a look at apps that can potentially save your day.

Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Suite is undoubtedly the best office suite available in the market today. Now it’s pre-built with your Windows phone. You can simply create a new presentation or a spreadsheet with just a tap.

This suite consists of Word Mobile 2010, Excel Mobile 2010, PowerPoint Mobile 2010, OneNote 2010, and SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010. Since the suite is natively built it works seamlessly and the performance is awesome.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free/ Inbuilt


Outlook mobile 2010 is also pre-built in your Windows phone. With this you can seamlessly setup multiple email accounts and manage both personal and work emails with apparent ease. The setup is fairly easy and even a novice user can configure it in a second.

The UI is great and it’s really simple to organize and manage all your mails. Now you’ve to never miss an email anytime of the day

Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free/ Inbuilt


A calender is the most important tool that makes our day. Personally without my calender, I’ll be damned. We simply have too many appointments/ meetings everyday to even remember them. Luckily your Windows phone comes in with a fantastic calender to rule them all.

It’s integrated with your Outlook, your personal mail and even facebook. So you’ll never have to miss(or remember) another appointment again.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free/ Inbuilt

Remote Desktop

As the name suggests Remote desktop lets you remote in to your PC safely. You can connect any Windows system(XP, Vista, 7) without having to make any extra configuration. Just enable remote connections and you’re good to go.

It supports standard security or Network level authentication making your session more secure. It also boasts a mammoth resolution of 1600 x 1200. But all these comes with a prize tag of $5.99 though.

Developer: Topperware
Price: $5.99

The SSH Client

If you’re a dev, chances are that you’ll be ssh’ing to your server almost daily. The SSH Client is a free SSH client for your Windows phone. With this you can have custom settings for each connection and easily connect to any server in a jiffy.

It offers private key authentication, custom fonts and rendering speed. The pro version offers Telnet support, URL parsing, Live tiles for each connection etc. But unless you’re a heavy user the free version should do.

Developer: Tommi Pirttiniemi
Price: Free/ $3.49(Pro)

World Clock

If you work across timezones this one is for you. It lets you keeps track of time half way across the globe easily. You can even store a list of your favorite cities and pull up the data whenever required.

The interface is really cool and it’s easy to search/add a new city to the list. A live tile for the app would be great though.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free

Lync 2010

Lync is the most widely used IM services by the corporate world. Now you can connect to your Lync server through your Windows phone and talk to your collegues in real time.

You can also connect to video conference or make calls with a single touch using your Enterprise id.
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free

Handy Scan

Ever ran into a situation where you don’t have access to a scanner or a copier? Well your Windows phone is here to save your day. This nifty little tool helps you to scan any document with the help of your camera.

The app lets you natively connect to your Skydrive/ Dropbox account for storage or simply email it to the recipients. You can also so some basic retouching from the app itself. The paid version lets you convert the files to PDF and offers more emailing options.

Developer: JDB Pocketware
Price: Free(ad-supported)/ $2.99

And That’s a Wrap

Our smartphones have really come of age. It has literally changed the way how businesses operate and have opened up a lot of new possibilities. With the help of these apps we can leverage the potential of our phones and be more productive.

Am I missing any useful toolS HERE? Do join us in the discussion below and thank you so much for reading.