Stunning 500px app now available for Windows 8

Love photography? If you’re not already using 500px then you’re missing out on one of the best photo experiences of the web. Today, 500px has released a beautiful desktop companion for Windows 8’s Modern UI.

500px is essentially a Flickr competitor that has an emphasis on beautiful, professional photography and the ability to show that off online in a hosted portfolio. It allows you to share photography with a large community and get critique from them as well as having the ability to join discussions with like-minded photographers.


The Modern UI app is as beautiful as the web application is but makes it a pleasure to use on a touch device. You’re able to browse the site, look at what’s trending, view your own profile as well as comment on photos in the app. There are even push notifications to let you know when people interact with your shots.

If you’re interested in what the photo was shot on you’re also able to view full EXIF information within the app. Alas, there’s no way to upload your own photos just yet.┬áThere’s also a mode called “flow” that lets you keep up to date on your own and your friends’ activity on the site, also presented in a beautifully simple manner.


Surprisingly, Flickr is yet to release a Windows 8 app so 500px has managed to beat them to the platform. If you’re looking for a beautiful way to view photos and interact with the photography community, look no further than 500px and their new app.

500px’s Windows 8 app is free and available for download from the Windows Store.