Improve Your PC’s Security With Comodo

We all know that surfing the Web might be a dangerous thing for our machines. The Internet is swarming with infections that can provoke serious damage for the system, for the user itself or even for other computers utilized by that same user. We also know that there are ways to have a more secure web browsing, but often that implies buying expensive pieces of software.

Now let me present 3 absolutely free security solutions from Comodo, a trusted and world-renowned company willing to make Internet a safer place to interact and conduct business.

Comodo works under the motto Creating Trust Online®. It was founded back in 1998 and is specialized in security and authentication, with a vast range of software available, from antivirii to firewalls, from backup software to VPN services. It claims to, through its family of companies, be a presence in over 25 million installations of Comodo PC security software and to have tens of millions of users to interact and do business in places (websites, e-mails, etc.) having their security and authentication products.

Even though Comodo is a large company, it aims to provide free and assured-quality products so that every Internet user can be protected inspite of the money they might spend. In this article, I will cover three of those free software: Comodo Internet Security, Comodo Cleaning Essentials and Comodo Internet Browser (both Dragon and IceDragon versions).

Comodo Internet Security

This Internet Security Suite gives you almost everything you need. It comes boosted with multiple features that you do not find in other services, specially in the free suites offered by them. Comodo states that this free version is the real deal – full and completely functional version of the product. There is, however, a Pro paid service which, for $19.99/year will give you «unlimited live expert virus removal services» and an «exclusive Virus Free Guarantee».

But what is this Suite actually made of? It has everything you can think of: antivirus, anti-apyware, anti-aootkit, bot protection, “Defense+” (a special feature that prevents malware to mess with critical system files), “auto sandbox technology™” (utility to run unknown files in an isolated environment, thus protecting the remaining system in case the files are harmful), “memory firewall” and anti-malware. It works on all Windows systems from Windows XP SP2 onwards, requiring 152 MB of RAM and 400 MB of disk space.

Comodo Internet Security main screen analysis.

One of the things I noticed immediately about this app is the design, which is pretty nice, clean and attractive. The main window also presents several of the software’s best features:

  • the possibility of migrating into a mobile app, for Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone/iPod
  • help 24/7 available from the GeekBuddy crew, in which Comodo technicians are ready to assist in a Messenger-like interface
  • a drag-and-drop object scan interface
  • Game Mode, to suppress alerts temporarily while playing games
  • status bar, presenting the most pressing issues with your computer’s security
  • In addition, there is also a desktop widget which presents your basic security status (which you may disable).
  • Even though Comodo Internet Security proves to be quite competent dealing with your computer’s security problem, there are some issues usually pointed out for it. Not only it is, along with its Firewall, a bit restrictive, it also has high rates of “false positives”. In conclusion, this is not a Suite often recommended for inexperienced users, but the average-user will find this to be a useful application.

    Comodo Cleaning Essentials

    Comodo Cleaning Essentials is yet another software designed to protect your system. This one, however, does not work in real time. Instead, you have to run it on demand. It does not require any installation whatsoever, so just keep the main executable and run it. This app is specially designed to deal with malware detection and removal.

    It offers three main options, “Smart Scan” “Full Scan” and “Custom Scan”, which pretty much work like in other antivirus softwares. In order to perform a scan, Comodo Cleaning Essentials requires you to reboot your computer, so that the analysis can start before of any rootkits. After the scan, it will reboot again in order to proceed with the cleanup.

    Comodo Cleaning Essentials main window view.

    Another interesting feature of Comodo Cleaning Essentials is KillSwitch – basically, an improved Task Manager. It organizes the running processes in a tree-like fashion, signaling the dangerous ones. In addition, KillSwitch comes with more useful features, such as the access to Services, Network Traffic, BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) and LSPs (Layered Service Providers), as well as a bunch of utilities such as Autorun Analysis, File Signature verification, etc.

    Comodo Cleaning Essentials is reported to be successful dealing with threats; however, some of them are not removed or even detected. Another setback in this app is the amount of time it takes to perform scans. In conclusion, for a freeware software, this suite is very capable and does a nice job (together with a full antivirus software) keeping your system protected.

    Comodo (Ice)Dragon

    Probably the most well-known app from Comodo, the Comodo Dragon is a web-browser focused on security and privacy, bringing improvements in speed as well. Comodo has two versions of this browser: the Dragon, which is based in Google’s Chrome, and the IceDragon, based in Mozilla’s Firefox.

    For both of them the design is clearly minimal, focusing on what really matters, but keeping the interface from their original contenders.

    Comodo Dragon browser overview.

    In order to boost user’s security and privacy, Dragon has no location settings and the usage statistics and report sending to Google are disabled. Since it is more refined in terms of security, it raises lots of warnings for websites, even for the (theoretically) safe ones.

    So, for any Chrome and Firefox users out there willing to improve online security and privacy, try these browsers – they have the guarantee seal from Comodo!