Major Game Releases of 2013 (Part I)

For those who find respite in PC games, this year will bring comfort in the familiar. All the releases that have been confirmed for 2013 are either sequels to long-running series, or a reboot of classics.

The age of PC exclusives has been fading since the last few years, and this year’s releases has just StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and SimCity from this category. Having said that, there are enough big releases across genres, to whet anyone’s appetite for PC gaming.

DMC: Devil May Cry

Expected release date:
January 25

Capcom has commissioned Ninja Theory, of Heavenly Sword fame, to redesign Devil May Cry series from what the company calls “Western” perspective. Whatever that entails, the new Devil May Cry game will feature a younger Dante in an alternate reality, but he will retain his familiar arsenal of weapons.

In addition, the Ninja Theory has added Angel and Devil mode fighting styles that seem to be similar to the system developed by the studio for Heavenly Sword.

Dead Space 3

Expected release date:
February 08

Dead Space was one of the best releases of the year of its debut, but Dead Space 2 was as disappointing as sequels usually tend to be. In the third installment, the studio has added drop-in/drop-out co-op mode for its campaign.

This has warranted in the introduction of new character called John Carver, who will fight alongside Issac Clarke from the first two games. Much like the first two games, Dead Space 3 will center around dismembering Necromorphs, but his time it will be on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Expected release date: February 12

The much delayed and tossed around Colonial Marines will finally see the light of day in early September, courtesy of Sega and Gearbox Software. Although the game is not tied into a movie, the events taking place in the game are set after the events of the second film in the series.

The game will feature missions akin to gauntlet runs and last-stand moments with drop-in/drop-out cooperative multiplayer for up to four players online.

Crysis 3

Expected release date: February 22

Prophet, the protagonist from the first game, inexplicably returns from the grave to take the lead role in Crysis 3. The game is set nearly a quarter of a century after the events of Crysis 2, and New York City has transformed into a veritable rainforest, encased in a nano-dome. 

Prophet is said to be on a revenge mission against CELL Corporation, who are in the city on the pretext of wiping-out any remnants of Ceph alien forces.

Resident Evil 6

Expected release date: March 22

Capcom may have released Resident Evil 6 on consoles in October last year, but they took their time, as the company often does, with development of the PC port. Love it or hate it, but Capcom seems determined to take their classic titles into directions that would seem to make accessible to a wider audience.

Starting with the fifth release, the series has been moving away from the slow, deliberate pacing that had been the hallmark of the series, and moved it closer to an all-out zombie shooter. This is also one of the busiest releases in the series, giving players access to three main protagonists and their sidekicks.

BioShock: Infinite

Expected release date:
March 26

This year, Bioshock series will leave the tight confines of an underwater city, and take to the skies in the floating air-city of Columbia. The game’s mechanics appears to remain unchanged, giving players option to work and fight with weapons, gadgets, and innate special powers.

Taking place of Big Daddy or Little Sister from the previous games is a young woman named Elizabeth, whom the player is tasked to rescue and protect.

Metro: Last Light

Expected release date: March

Metro 2033 was a surprise release from Ukrainian studio 4A Games that had the kind of visuals that make PC graphics aficionados feel giddy with joy. The game is renowned for stunning visuals that recreate immersive and dreary atmosphere, combined with elements of survival horror and first-person shooters.

Metro: Last Night is being developed as a multiplatform title, so there may be some watering-down of visuals to accommodate the aging, but seemingly lucrative consoles.

Tomb Raider

Expected release date:
March 05

Tomb Raider is another one of those long-running series that is getting a restart this year. The latest installment that is simply titled ‘Tomb Raider’, will recount Lara Croft’s origin story as an intrepid treasure hunter, and adventurer. The game world will be open for exploration, and it will employ mechanics from various genres like action-adventure, RPG, and survival games.

Lara Croft will find herself shipwrecked on an island called Dragon’s Triangle, where she has to find any survivors while fighting nature, and a band of mercenaries.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Expected release date:
March 12

After having delivered Diablo III this year with mixed effect, Blizzard Entertainment have now shifted their focus on releasing an expansion pack for StarCraft II. Heart of the Swarm was originally intended to be shipped as one of the three campaigns in the original StarCraft II release, until their new owners Activision decided to split the game into three.

So, Heart of the Swarm will effectively add the Zerg single-player campaign StarCraft II, and it will be played from the point of view of Sarah Kerrigan. Blizzard will also be introducing some changes and tweaks to units that will be evident during multiplayer games.


Expected release date:

Will Wright led Maxis label will be reviving a long dormant series, and a bit hit among fans of city-building games. It’s been nearly ten years since the last release in the SimCity series, and for this event Maxis is breaking out a brand new simulation engine called GlassBox.

The game will also take advantage of advances in graphics, with features such as curved roads and city zone development that conforms to these roads. SimCity will also incorporate a somewhat undesirable feature of modern-gaming, a DRM protection that will require the player to be constantly connected to EA’s origin service.