88 Wonderful Windows 8 Wallpapers

As I was setting up my new Windows 8 installation to test new apps on, I decided I wanted a nice and clean Metro or Windows 8 inspired wallpaper other than the default ones, to set it apart and help me differentiate it from my other installations. I decided to give a showcase of some of the wallpapers I came across on my search, in case anyone was looking for anything similar.

While not all of the wallpapers in this post are clean as I was looking for, they are certainly all inspired by Microsoft’s latest operating system to some extent.

Official Wallpapers

A deviantArt user by the name of Misaki2009 went out of their way and bundled the 19 official Windows 8 wallpapers into a single .zip file, so they’re easy to download for use. 2 of the files are in .png format, while the rest are in .jpg. You can download them here.

If you’re fond of the famous BETA fish that’s not in any of the latest versions of Windows 8, it’s also available for download in a package created by draganja here.



There are only 88 unofficial wallpapers listed here and thousands more throughout the internet, but I hope this post gave you an idea on what wallpaper you’d like to use. I ended up using this clever wallpaper on my installation in the end, for its clean Metro style the smart way the logo flows into it. This was closely followed by this, for the same reasons.

What wallpaper are you currently using on your Windows 8 installation?