8 Kick Ass Adobe AIR Apps You Should Try

The Adove AIR platform may feel a bit outdated now that mobile and HTML5 apps are all the rage but that doesn’t mean great apps don’t exist for that platform.

We’ve pulled together 10 kick ass Adobe AIR apps you should definitely try if you haven’t already. Take a look!



3 in one but shrunk

Adobe Illustrator, Coral Painter and Adobe Photoshop, all bundled into one and shrunk

…is what you would think when you use Livebrush. This application incorporates features from all three applications, though not all of them.

The unique feature of this application is that it is motion based, ie, it combines simple motion controls with styles and decorations. The faster your mouse movement is, the bolder the stroke.

I wouldn’t say that this is a must have app for all users but it is worth a try.

Focus Booster

focus booster

Digital Promodo

An idea from the 1980s,

A Brain Child of  Francesco Cirillo,

An excellent Time Management Technique – The Promodo,

Now in Air form

The Promodo methodology is based on the idea that using a timer to break work down into 25-minute segments with breaks in between enhances alertness and focus.

Focus Booster is an app that implements this technique. It is more like a widget in black with a touch of green. Click on the “i” button, configure the time settings, save and click the play button to start the countdown. You will be alerted when your break is overdue and it is not obtrusive so you can choose to ignore a break if necessary.



My Book Shelf

Koobits functions as a digital book shelf where you can organize your ebooks into categories. You can also download ebooks using Koobits from the internet.  This app remembers your previous selections and recommends books you might like based on it. The inbuilt reader supports minor editing features such as highlighting, bookmarks, etc.

This ebook application, with a name that sounds like something from children’s book, looks like one when you open it was actually developed for kids. But Koobits, with its book-shelf like categorization feature, is a serious contender in the ebook application market. It supports only a few ebook formats though and it does not have a drag and drop feature when adding local files to the shelf which would have been quite useful.



Minimal Task Manager

When you need an application that sits on your desktop all the time, then you naturally look for one that uses up less resources and has a simple yet beautiful design. Minitask is a one such task management application.

No menus, no buttons, just right click and you get all the options. This app, with its simple UI, is great for simple and fast task management. You can schedule Minitask to display reminders, set alarms, print your task lists, etc. You can make use of separators to categorize tasks. This app, though, does not allow you to assign priorities to tasks and doesn’t support word wrap.


Youtube on the desktop


Lamborghini Urus ad

Desktube is an easy to use application that allows you to view Youtube videos without the need for a web browser. This lightweight application features the ability to search, view and upload videos, view personal playlists, subscriptions, comment on videos, etc.

The app also enables you to connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to post updates and interact with your friends via its video chat feature, thus making this a mini social networking app. While it does sometimes flags certain videos as viewable only through your web browser, it mostly works. One thing that I’d like to see is an inbuilt video downloader.



FLV Surgeon

RichFLV is a free Adobe Air FLV editor. This app works like a specialist surgeon — cutting and merging flv files, converting FLV to MP3 and SWF, extracting sections from FLV files, capturing individual frames to image files, and defining cue points and metadata.

As this app puts some load on resources, specially in case of large FLV files, it is advisable that you define subsections of the video and edit them, rather than the entire file. The UI is good looking and this app is fast especially when saving and exporting FLV files.

RichFLV is a beta release and hence be prepared for some bugs. For example, exporting the FLV file to SWF leaves out the audio.



Capture Webpages Using Webkut

Webkut from Toki Woki is an Adobe Air screenshot application that allows you to take clips of web pages. This app has an inbuilt web browser that you can use to search for and open the web pages that you need to capture. Webkut offers 3 screen capture options – The entire page, current view and a selection.

You can convert the captured images into JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF formats. The settings allow you to configure the quality of the image as well.

ORA Time and Expense


ORA Time and Expense

Winner of Adobe AIR Developer Derby Best Business HTML Application, ORA Time and Expense is a simple application for tracking and generating timesheets, expense reports, and invoices. You can track your timesheets using the task timer.

This app allows you to scan your expense receipts and attach them to your reports. You can generate your expense reports, timesheets and invoices in HTML, CSV or XML format. ORA Time and Expense needs a bit getting used to and make sure to check the documentation out before starting.