15 Essential Portable Apps for Windows 7

Installing an application, any application, leads to certain issues. You cannot copy the application folder to another computer and expect it to work. Keep in mind that every time you uninstall the application, it sometimes leaves behind junk data, and, in order to use the application again you have to reinstall.

Here are 15 essential portable applications that might help you avoid such problems. Pack your favorite applications into a pen drive and take it with you wherever you go and use them without installation. Never worry about leaving information behind.

Skype Portable (PC)

Skype Portable (PC)

A communication app used by millions and available in almost every conceivable platform has now become portable, thanks to PortableApps. You can now access your settings and data wherever you use it.

Google Chrome Portable

Portable Chrome

Googe Chrome is one of the fastest and safest web browsers. I particularly love the clutter free environment. Now available in its portable form, courtesy of PortableApps, you can carry this amazing browser in your portable storage device and use it in another computer without installation.

Mozilla Thunderbird Portable

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and easy to use e mail and news client. Now with the portable version you can carry your account settings and contact details with you in a pen drive. Plug the pen drive into another computer and just open the app. You are at home.

FileZilla Portable


FIleZilla, you may know, is one of the best FTP software available in the internet for free. Now with the portable version (client) you can take the software with you in your USB flash drive and use it without installation in any computer without leaving traces of your personal information behind.

Notepad ++ Portable

Notepad on steroids

Notepad ++ as you may have read in a previous articleis an easy to use code editor available for free. The portable version of Notepad++ is lightweight but has all the features of the installed version. It also supports various plugins that makes it a rival to many likeminded software such as SublimeText2.

Foxit Reader portable

Halo - Fall of Reach

One of the best PDF combo available for free. This is a fully fledged PDF reader and also has limited editing features such as the various markup and comment tools. These features along with portability make this app a force to reckon with in the battle of PDF readers.

Efficient Address Book Free Portable

Too Many Fields 🙁

This handy contact manager software supports features such as unlimited number of contacts, import and export, birthday alerts, password protection, etc. Just download the 7mb file, decompress it and copy it to your portable storage device. No installation required. The freeware, however, does not support the ability to create contact groups and shows the contacts only in a tabular form.

Efficient Sticky Notes Portable

Customizable e- notes

This is a better alternative to the default Windows Sticky Notes. Create new sticky notes with customized settings such as background color, transparency, etc. You can also protect your sticky notes by setting a password for the app, a necessary feature when carrying your e notes with you.

Money Manager Ex Portable

Money Manager in my mother tongue 🙂

Get your own personal accountant for free with the Money Manager Ex portable. Easy to use personal finance software, this will help you manage your finances by keeping track of what you do with your money. The portable version comes fully loaded with AES Encryption support, budgeting, maintaining all sorts of accounts, chart based view, export capability, support for 24 languages, etc.

PeaZip Portable

Peazip Portable

User friendliness, support for all types of compressed files and portability are some of the features that give this freeware an edge over its rivals. I particularly like the drag and drop feature in PeaZip. There is also a 64 bit version.

GIMP Portable

Free alternative to Photoshop

GNU Image Manipulation Program is an open source image editing and manipulation application, now available in its portable form (For Windows) via PortableApps. This app has several tools for image editing but lacks the features available in Photoshop.

Recuva Portable

Recovery made easy

Behold Recuva from Piriform, the makers of CCleaner.

This is one of the best recovery managers that are available for free. This application helps you recover deleted files, deleted emails from mail clients, recover files from formatted hard disks, etc.

Portable Efficient Password Manager

One password to manage all passwords

Are you having difficulty remembering all your passwords? Then thou shalt be saved by Portable Efficient Password Manager. This application is capable of managing your e mail account passwords, FTP accounts, software registration codes, etc.

Lightscreen Portable


Take screenshots on the go with the Lightscreen portable. Easy to use with adequate features and customization options, this serves as a better alternative to the default screenshot utility.

Youtube Downloader HD Portable

My favourite band - August Burns Red

Sometimes when you are checking out videos in Youtube in your friend’s computer, you may come across a song that you might want to download. That’s when Youtube Downloader HD Portable comes in handy. Plug your pen drive in and you are good to go.

Are we missing any other important portable application? Let’s know in the comments below and thank you so much for reading!