10 MMORPGS You May Just Start Fancying!

It used to be so simple. Ten years ago, you could walk into a gaming shop and find PC games taking up the majority of the space. PC games were all the rage, completely dominating sales – yes, it’s hard to believe. Today, the industry is split up into different sections; with the consoles becoming the forerunners.

However, there’s still a part of PC gaming which prospers greatly around the world. The Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game.

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Better known as an MMORPG, this game structure is hugely popular, bringing a gaming experience which is unimaginable on the aforementioned consoles.

Although we’ve all heard of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, the games which sell millions and attract the most consumers every year. In comparison, the smaller games definitely don’t receive enough promotion. So today, I’ll be looking at ten relatively unknown ones which could just revitalize your interest in PC gaming.

World Of Tanks

Tanks are destroyers. Looking back at warfare, we see tanks destroying buildings, people and aircraft. The thing we never see is tanks vs tanks. World Of Tanks is an exciting free game which has gained massive success over the last year. Pitting two teams of fifteen tanks against each other, and on a variety of different maps, the game creates intense warfare throughout.

Advancing through different “tech-trees”, hard work is needed to upgrade your tanks. Being able to have as many different tanks as you like is great. What I love about this game is that there’s no waiting around. Once you’re defeated in battle you can instantly exit, joining another match with another beast of warfare.

World Of Tanks Is A Fun, Free and Fantastic Game!

This is an addicting game which is challenging and will require diligence. Though World Of Tanks is a free game, it works on the basis of “if” you want to pay, you can. These payment options give you premium tanks, better ammo and enhanced crew. A simple and totally spectacular game!

Price: Free

Star Trek Online

Star Trek was a massive phenomenon and still is, for the hardcore fans. In 2010, the first massive Star Trek game was released; a beacon of renewable, bringing the old into the new. The game allows you to fly through space and run through worlds, fighting off enemies as you go. Playing as a variety of different classes and ship-types you aren’t ever stuck with the same game-play structure. Keeping you entertained for longer.

Star Trek Online!

Caused by slow sales, Star Trek became free-to-play earlier in the year. This is a game which gives you the freedom, with multiple choices and routes the game never forces you to carry along a certain timeline. However, don’t be put off if your not a Star Trek fan, this will still appeal to you if you love a solid and exciting MMO.

Price: Free

APB Reloaded

APB creates an urban warfare for you to experience. Fighting as either Criminals or Enforcers, you have the opportunity to control your objectives alongside a team of online players. Collecting an improved arsenal of weapons in this game requires some actual skill. With APB boasting that “it will be the first multiplayer online game where the player’s skill determines the character’s progression.” A highly apparent structure which distinguishes the skilled from the newbies.

APB Reloaded

Playing this game resembles an upgraded version of Grand Theft Auto. Following the same concept just on a much bigger scale, APB seems addicting and exhilarating. Available on Steam this game is easily downloaded and quickly experienced.

Price: Free

Dragon Born

Dragon Born is a free game which earmarks games like Guild Wars — a fantasy MMO which has been well designed to give the player a thrilling experience for a cut down price. The game allows you to play as four different classes: Mage, Soldier, Priest and Ranger. The four base professions from every MMO. Really, I look for unique professions in games, so this disappointed me. I love games which like to break the mould and create their own.

Dragon Born!

However, Dragon Born is still in its BETA testing phase, and foreshadows a bright future for this development project. I look forward to the full release, and expect great things to come from this simple fantasy game!

Price: Free (In Beta)

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest prides itself on the fact that they contain a “non-targeting gameplay structure.” By giving the player full control, the game priorities skill over time. This means that even the lowest leveled players could potentially annihilate the highest with more skill. I’ve noticed many MMOs do this in recently, adopting a tragedy of skill over grind. I feel in a few years time every game will have this brainwave and begin to revolutionise, suiting the ever changing ‘want’ of the consumer market.

Dragon Nest!

Again, Dragon Nest comes with the same professions as Dragon Born, however, these have been renamed to try and create a variation. This is a great game which has a keen selling point, I’m sure that it will keep growing from strength to strength.

Price: Free

DC Universe Online

Everyone loves a good superhero. Aside from Marvel, DC is one of the most successful comic book makers in the world, bringing us heroes such as Superman and Batman; their characters will be remembered for years to come. DC Universe is a game which brings all these characters together!

Picking from Villain or Superhero is your initial choice, and from then on you will fight alongside your favourite heroes, and struggling against the opponents. Set in some of your favourite screens, the game resembles an interactive comic book!

DC Universe Online

DC Universe is an exciting game which for comic book fans will be a dream come true. Even if you don’t like heroes, everyone loves to save the day, don’t they?

Price: Free


TERA is highly similar to most fantasy MMO’s and definitely brings nothing new to the table, causing it to be overlooked by the majority of gamers. However, TERA is still a well structured game, with good progression and a range of different characters.


Though, for $49.99, I would rather invest in a game of quality and experience. Seemingly overpriced for what the game actually offers. Although, this hasn’t stopped intense sales in Asia; by quickly coming one of the most widespread MMO’s.

Price: $49.99

Final Fantasy XIV

And here we go again! Final Fantasy’s 14th installment in their long chain of games. However, this game isn’t similar to those of the past. FF again opts towards the skill based progression system – notice a pattern here? As with any Final Fantasy game you expect quality and a deep storyline, and this game delivers.

Final Fantasy XIV!

Personally, I’ve never been a big supporter of the series. The thing which spoils it for me is the amount of different games; too much variation doesn’t appeal. Myself, I would rather have additional expansion packs opposed to the route which has been taken. Still, XIV is a great game which is well developed and will give you a charismatic experience.

Price: $39.99 + $8.99 per month subscription

Cabal Online

Cabal Online is a game which was initially started in 2005, and flying under the radar for the duration – only attracting a small user-ship. Generally, Cabal is the typical MMO. Offering monsters, weapons and areas through a level based grind system.

Cabal Online

A freemium (free to download with additional real money abilities) game which gives you basic features which will appeal to a wide range of users. Cabal is a small but solid facility.

Price: Free

Planet Calypso

Calypso is an interesting game which encourages players to invest in the game, using real currency which can potentially give you a profit back on your original investment, a structure which probably doesn’t appeal to the majority of players. During game-play you are a human colonist trying to re-inhabit a distant planet. Using economic and political controls, Calypso is as close to real as you can get.

Planet Calypso!

Building up your world from scratch and the ability to make money are interesting features. Personally, I would never risk money on an online game, but maybe some people will, for hope of profit. Interestingly, a man called Jon Jacobs made $635,000 off this enterprise, this may seem big, but this is highly rare and difficult to achieve. All in all, Calypso brings something massively new to the table. With a unique selling point this game has a bright future and may become great.

Price: Free


If you don’t fancy playing World Of Warcraft or other high flyers, one of these may just urge you into the MMO world. These small, but well designed games will give you a solid platform to begin playing a different kind of structure.