Winsnap: A Simple and Lightweight Screenshot Capturing Utility

As a blogger, capturing appropriate screenshots while writing any review or how-to guide is essential. I still remember, at the start of my writing career, I used to use the Print Screen button to capture screenshots and then edit them in Paint. However, the process is really time consuming. Windows Snipping Tool is without any doubt a very useful software but it’s very basic and may not be the best option for a person like me. After that, I realized that having a proper screenshot utility is a must.

During my search, I came across a number of tools, both free and paid. After a lot of testing, I found a tool that does not only make this process less time consuming but also offers users with a wide range of features to play around with. It’s a tool known as WinSnap.


Winsnap is one of the best screenshot capturing utility I have used so far. Winsnap offers users with different modes to capture their screenshots including full screen, specific regions, applications screenshots and more. The application has built-in drawing tools as well that allows users to draw shapes, add arrows and even add basic effects to the images right inside Winsnap. Later, the screenshot can be saved in multiple image formats.

Winsnap offers its users with 30 day trial to evaluate the program. If satisfied, users can purchase the license for $24.95 depending on your type of use.

Features and Usage

Winsnap is a really simple and easy to use. After installing, you can easily customize the shortcut keys of the application if you don’t want to use the default CTRL + Printscreen shortcut. The best thing about the tool is that you can specify separate shortcut keys for separate screenshot capturing modes. Just go to Settings and customize the shortcut keys from the Hotkeys menu.

Winsnap Shotcut Keys page

With Winsnap, you can add basic effects like Drop Shadows, Outline and Reflection effects to your images. From the application settings, you can customize the effects, change their opacity, size and color as well. You can select the Remember Last Used Options if you use the same settings with all your captured screenshots.

Winsnap reflection settings window

One really useful feature for me is that you can even watermark your images using Winsnap as well. Winsnap supports both image as well as text watermark. From Winsnap settings, you can customize the placement of the watermark, select any image you want to use as watermark and change its opacity and manually set the offset placement of the image.

Watermarking images using Winsnap

When it comes to saving images, you can automatically save the images in your desired format. The app has a built in feature that allows you to compress JPEG images. If you like to edit the image in any other photo editing tool like Photoshop, you can make the application copy the image to clipboard right after you capture the screenshot and paste it in Photoshop.

Save settings for Winsnap

The application also has a built-in option that allows users to open the capture screenshots in Paint for manual editing and resizing.

Opening the captured screenshot in Paint

Capturing Screenshots

The application offers users with 5 different modes:

  • Full Screen: This mode captures your entire computer screen including the toolbars as well as any open window on your desktop.
  • Application: This mode captures the last used application you are working on before capturing the screenshot.
  • Window: This mode is almost the same as the Application capture as it captures the entire window.
  • Object: This mode allows users to capture specific objects on the screen. For example, the ribbon in Word or Start Menu in Windows etc. You can also capture multiple objects by holding CTRL + left click and select the objects one by one.
  • Region: This is the most common mode which every single person use. It allows users to capture selected region from the screen and save it on your computer.

After capturing the image, just select the effects you want to add to your screenshots by checking the options from the sidebar.

One mode that I really miss in Winsnap is the capturing the entire web page. The application does not allow user to scroll the pages while capturing screenshots.


Winsnap offers users with a wide range of pricing options. If you are satisfied with the software and you are the sole user of the application, you can purchase the license key for $24.95 with lifetime support and updates.


Despite of a few drawbacks, I think Winsnap is a complete screenshot capturing package that is not only easy to use but it’s also very light on system resources as well and is more suitable for daily use. There is no doubt that Snagit is more versatile and offers users many advanced features. But it’s expensive and it may take some time for a new user to get used to Snagit. And the why I switched from Snagit to Winsnap is the resources. At times, Snagit can be a heavy on your system resources.

One thing which I miss in Winsnap is the resize feature. I am using Winsnap for a long time and this feature was present in the earlier version that allowed users to resize the images automatically without losing quality to any dimension.

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use screenshot utility, I will recommend you to give Winsnap a try.


WinSnap is a fast user-friendly utility for taking and editing screenshots. It can easily capture windows of non-rectangular form with customized and transparent backgrounds, including Aero Glass on Windows 7 and Vista.