Violet Storm: An Intense Neon-Styled Shooter

Ever get those times after either accomplishing something really awesome or having an exhausting day at work where you want to just sit down, kick your feet up, and play a game that only requires you to do some serious arcade-style shooting? Yeah, I do too. I finally got a chance to do just that today, and I decided to see what kind of new kids were on the block in the Windows 8 App Store.

I was immediately attracted to Violet Storm, which seemed very similar to Asteroids at first glance. In a nutshell, Violet Storm is a free, neon-styled, space shoot em’ up but with more action and power up capabilities when compared to Asteroids. Let’s just say that you could easily lose a few hours playing with this jewel.

Beautiful Simplicity

Violet Storm has three game types you can choose from: Campaign, Speed Havoc, and Sniper Mode. Each one has slightly different objectives, but they’re all beautifully simple. Before we go into them though, let’s talk about the overarching objective of the game:

Shoot and kill all the objects in your path.

Create your own strategy and blast away.

Create your own strategy and blast away.

What I mean by that is to just shoot the aliens. When the developers were creating Violet Storm, they sure took KISS to heart! In my opinion, the simpler the better when it comes to casual games like this one. There are so many examples of this, but I’ll shut up and leave it to your own imagination.

Campaign mode is where you battle against waves of aliens and try to destroy as many waves as you can, with each wave getting increasingly difficult. Thankfully though, you get powerups throughout the game so your guns continue to get stronger. You also get one time use weapons to use against the enemies. You’ll get that advantage in all the game modes.

Speed Havoc mode is where you have a certain amount of time to kill a certain amount of aliens as fast as you can. For the normal level of difficulty, you have six minutes and twelve seconds to take out five-hundred aliens. Your score here is determined by the time it took you to kill all five-hundred.

Now for the most addictive for me: Sniper Mode. This is where you have to take out as many aliens as you can, but number of kills is not the important part. The important part is how accurate are you with each shot. It’s really awesome because you have to develop your own tactic of getting the aliens in close range and incredibly dense so you don’t miss. Oh yeah, it’s fun.

Places For Improvement

Like all apps, there are places where Violet Storm could be enhanced for a better gaming experience. The most important areas that could be improved would be fixing some performance issues and some of the controls.

So let’s start with the performance issues. On my MacBook Pro running Windows 8 I did experience some stuttering during some of the later waves just because of the large amount of enemies. Reviews of Violet Storm on the Windows RT tablets are pretty low because of even greater performance issues. This really stinks just because this is supposed to be a fast action game, and a fast action game when choppy is just sub-par.

Sometimes during an intense firefight Violet Storm tends to slow down.

Sometimes during an intense firefight Violet Storm tends to slow down.

The controls in Violet Storm are pretty good for the most part. Basic movement is done through the classic method of using either your WASD or arrow keys to control the direction of the space ship, and you use your mouse to control the aim of your weapons. I never had a problem with the basic movement of the ship, but controlling your weapons gets pretty difficult when you’re cornered by a squad of aliens. The best tip for fine aim is to keep your cursor at the edge of the screen and keep it as far away from the ship as you can. When your cursor gets close to the ship, it only takes a small movement to be aiming in a completely different direction. You get used to it fairly quick when you’re first starting out, but when things get chaotic it’s something worth remembering.

Where It Excels

Unlike classic arcade titles, the longer you play the stronger your ship becomes and the harder the enemies are to destroy. I stayed up late playing this game just because I wanted to collect more points and see how long I could go when low on health. To sum that up, Violet Storm is just plain addictive.

The graphics and sound are very good for just being an arcade shooter. With each power up and gun that you obtain, you’ll be pleased with either a satisfying explosion of your bombs or the crackling sounds of your lightning gun. And if you’re a fan of electronic music, you’ll feel right at home in Violet Storm. The look and feel of this game is stellar.

Coming To The End

All in all, Violet Storm is an excellent casual shoot em’ up for Windows 8. Give this game a shot and tell me what you think of it. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think is good or bad about the game and what you like about it the most.


A fast-paced shoot em' up for Windows 8.