MetroTube: A Far Superior YouTube Client

YouTube is a site/app which I visit every single day. And whether it is to browse through my subscriptions or just have a random gander, I always find enjoyment. When I bought my Windows Phone I looked forward to being able to watch videos on the go, however, this wasn’t the case.

After installing the Official YouTube application I soon realised that this wasn’t the experience I was looking for. Instead of taking you to a YouTube app, you went to the mobile version of the site — which is frankly poor.

I decided it was time to find something more suited for my needs. That’s when I came across MetroTube, a much better way to watch the videos I love. Read on to find out more!

What Is MetroTube?

MetroTube is the exact copy of YouTube is terms of content. Meaning every single video which is uploaded to YouTube will be available on this app too — making it easy for the average viewer to switch across.


When you go to download this app you’ll see that it costs £0.79, a fairly standard price for an app. However, if you only decide to try the free trial you’ll still get every single feature for as long as you like. So really, if you don’t want to pay and still want all the amazing features, you don’t need to. If you do pay the £0.79 while you won’t gain anything, you do support the developer and hopefully encourage future projects.

Logging In

One of the main reasons I use YouTube is to view regular videos by some of my favourite YouTubers. And it’s through my account that I can see when these people upload their videos. Luckily, logging into your account and viewing these subscriptions is just as easy in MetroTube.

Once you’ve logged in your videos will appear here.

Once you’ve selected “Sign In” you’ll be taken to a Google Login area. After you have entered your account details you will need to allow MetroTube to gain access to your account. Once that’s finished, it should take a few seconds at most, you’ll notice that all of your subscriptions have been added to a tab on the app. Here you’ll be able to view all recent videos.

Navigating Around MetroTube

Once you’ve set up your account, the next probable step is to find your feet with the app. Scrolling through the tabs you’ll come across: Top Rated And Featured Videos, a page with a variety of different categories if you’re looking for something specific, the subscriptions page and finally, a profile page.

Your profile page.

While the others may be quite self explanatory, the profile page has a few abilities which are quite useful. Here you can view your playlists, favourites, uploads, a recently played list and something which was new to me, preloading videos. Through this setting you can load up a video then watch it at another time. This is especially useful for users who aren’t always connected to the internet and would benefit from being able to watch videos even when they are offline.

Watching And Organising Videos

Now that you know how to find the videos, you now need to view them. Clicking on a video will take you to an interface which highly resembles a normal YouTube page. You can either view the video in a small or a large player and have quick access to related and other videos by the Uploader.

Watching videos is easy and fun.

At the bottom of the screen you have four different options: Share, Preload, Add to and Pin. All of these are highly beneficial and could be used in a variety of situations. As you can also see, this is where you start to preload videos. Clicking this you are given the option to preload the video in different types of video quality i.e. 240p, 360p or 720p. Each band of quality you go up increases the MB required. Once the video has been loaded it will be added to the list on your profile page.

Interface And Functionality

The general interface of MetroTube is clean and sleek. Everything looks good and this adds to the overall experience. One of the worst parts of the official app was that the display wasn’t right and nothing was easy to use. The developers here have provided us with a resource which actually lives up to our expectations.

In terms of functionality this app works fantastically. I’ve been using this app for a few months now and since then everything has been stable and I’ve experienced very little problem. In terms of video streaming the app has never failed me either, however, this all depends on the your connection level. If this is low then of course the quality of streaming will be too.


MetroTube is a fantastic application for many reasons. The main being that it actually gives you an app worth using. I’m now encouraged to view YouTube videos on my phone much more, a desire which was lacking without this app. Since changing I would never go back and personally, I don’t think anyone should be using anything different.

A free and completely user friendly app, MetroTube ticks every box for me.

What YouTube client are you using with your Windows Phone? Still sticking with the Official app? Or have you branched out to a different client? Let us know below!


MetroTube is a YouTube client which far excels the standard Windows app. By improving upon the basic structure, MetroTube gives us an app worth using.

  • MetroTube Windows Phone 7.5 And Up  | 
  • £0.79  | 
  • Lazyworm Applications Ltd.