Virgin Train Tickets: Book Your Trains Easy!

Booking your transport is always a difficult task. Finding the cheapest fares for your specific destination is something which is necessary but time consuming. There are many apps which relate to flights, but, there seems to be much less that allow you to book train tickets directly. Virgin Train Tickets is an apps which helps you to book trains all over mainland UK quickly and securely.

Not only does this app book your tickets, it also lets you track the ones you’ve already purchased. With all the data in the same place you’ll never miss a train again. Read on to find out more!

Booking Your Tickets

Booking your tickets couldn’t be any easier. On opening up the application, you are taken to a homepage with the title find trains and tapping on New Journey takes you to the planning journey screen. Here you have options to differentiate between your specifications. As well as the main preferences, you can also choose whether you have a railcard, promo card or you want to upgrade which class you are traveling on.

The opening screen.

For instance, I’ve chosen, Newcastle Central Station to London Kings Cross on the 1/11/2012, and tapped find trains. I am now faced with five different prices and a range of times which I can choose from. Clicking OK, I am brought to a page giving a detailed description of everything to do with the specific journey, after that I can then type in my card details and purchase.

Planning your journey.

Once you’ve booked up, or even if you’ve just searched for a train ticket. It will be added into the mosaic design on the front page, making it easier to navigate back.

My Tickets

The next stage after purchasing is My Tickets. As soon as you purchase the ticket, it will be added to this section. You will be able to review all tickets and remind yourself of the times and locations. I love that this app works like a little diary, tracking everything you need. This highly works in the favor of the frequent traveler, as it’s often hard to keep on top everything which is going on in your busy life.

Picking your times.

Live Times

As well as booking tickets you can also keep track of any station in the UK by going to live times. Here you will be able to load the station board and check all departures and arrivals. You can then look to see if the train is on time and actually see what time it arrived at every station along the way.

Station map.

This live progress of the train’s journey really impressed me. It’s highly detailed and constantly updated statistics allow anyone to be at the station at the right time, every time.


There is also an information section of the app which can quickly solve any of your queries. Here there are guides to picking up your tickets, as well as an introduction and the terms and conditions. The app isn’t loaded with too many settings either, the only preference being to use your location.


User Experience

First of all, I love how much work has actually been put into this app. This really makes it a true companion to any frequent train user. Also, one thing everyone should bear in mind is that these aren’t just Virgin trains, this is every single train in mainland UK. However, if you do book a Virgin Train there will be no need to collect or print out your ticket. Simply taking your phone to the station will be enough to secure your entrance – a great little addition.

Purchased tickets.

The app is always trying to suit your needs and will try to find the best time suitable for your specifications too. The reliability is just superb.

Why Use This App

If you’re a constant train traveler and you haven’t downloaded this already; you’re missing out on a lot. This free, fast and functional app is something to be admired among traveling apps. In the past I’ve used apps such as Kayak or Trainline to book and been highly disappointed with the ad-ridden experiences and lack of easy management systems. This app works like a perfect guide and should be downloaded onto your Windows Phone as soon as possible.

Even comparing this to the main webpages you can still see a significant difference. Websites can often be confusing and overcrowded, bombarding you with more tickets than you can manage. Here, everything you need is there and nothing else – from the loading the app you could be booked up within five minutes.

The simplicity of this app is perfect, quickly guiding you through the process of booking. In relation to the functionality of Virgin Trains, it’s definitely high, and always works smoothly throughout constant use. Some additional features which are quite helpful are that you book tickets ten minutes before departure and buy them for up to eight people in one go – making the app suitable to groups of people.


Overall, this is a great app for anyone who wishes to travel on the train network. Easily navigating the app will never be a problem and everything will be easy to achieve. Virgin have definitely done it again, developing a high quality product for the high quality market. And going anywhere elsewhere to book would be a waste of time.

Are you booking a train soon? Would you consider buying through this application? Let us know below.


Booking your train couldn't be any easier with the Virgin Train Tickets app.