Reddit To Go: An App for Windows 8

Reddit is a social content aggregator which has taken the world by storm. With millions of users, including even big celebrities such as Barack Obama, adopting the use of the site. Earlier this year the number of subreddits was recorded at 67,000 and I’m sure this amount will keep increasing all the time.

For those that haven’t heard of Reddit, it allows you to interact with other users who post pictures, questions or links. The site works by creating subreddits. These are specific categories which deal with a subject. The top ten of these are: pics, funny, politics, gaming, askreddit, worldnews, videos, iama, todayilearned and wtf. These are displayed at the top of the page to give you quick access to the most popular.

Personally, I’m a massive fan of the Reddit network which meant when I upgraded to Windows 8 and saw Reddit To Go I was excited. However, I was a bit skeptical as to whether the application would actually work. In the past I’ve tested similar applications which have just turned out to be a big disappointment.

Read on to find out what I thought of the newest competitor!

First Things First

If you’re new to Windows 8, you’ll need to go to the store to download the application. Clicking on store and typing in Reddit To Go will take you to it. I love how easy in Windows 8 it is to download and use the built in applications.

When you first load up you’ll need to sign into your account. If you don’t have one, this takes hardly any time and allows you to comment and interact more. The opening page is setup like a mosaic, with loads of subreddits for you to click on. These include popular reddits as well as the ones you’ve saved. Up in the top right hand bar you have an account summary. Here you can view messages and notifications or could even switch user here.

The main front page of Reddit To Go.

As with most things on Windows 8 there is no search bar. Just typing anywhere will take you to a search and allow you to find whichever subreddit you want.

Because this is a technology blog I’m going to go with technology as the subreddit. Here I’m presented with a list of the hottest posts at the current time. As well as this there is a side bar. This shows the number of subscribers and the rules/guidelines of the Reditt thread. You also have subreddits of this subject such as Android or Apple. Everything you would ever need is right in front of you to view.

Snapping the Reddit app to the right hand side.

However, something I haven’t mentioned yet is one of the most important parts of Reddit. By right clicking on any post you can choose how you would like to interact with it. These options include: upvote, downvote, comment, save or open in a browser.

Interacting with the post.


The interface, like most of Windows 8, is pretty neat. The whole app flows cleanly and definitely gets the job done quickly. Unlike other Reddit apps, this has actually impressed me and encouraged me to use Reddit more and more. If you’ve used the web version of Reddit, you’ll know that the interface isn’t the most desirable of sorts. The basic structure has a horrible colour scheme and everything just disappoints.

The interface of the Reddit webpage.

Reddit To Go has actually changed the way I view Reddit. And from this point on I wouldn’t touch the main Reddit app. Once you’ve switched, I don’t think you’ll ever change back.


For those of us who have been using Windows 8 there is an ability called snapping. By going to an app on the left hand bar and right clicking you can either choose snap left or snap right. This will move the app into a smaller portion of the screen. So far I have only used this for a few apps though and been highly disappointed.

Snapping the Reddit app to the right.

However, with Reddit this is something to be commended. As you can see on the screenshot I have my normal internet window open on the left while the subreddit for technology is on the right. Here I can open every subreddit I want and the quality or functionality of the app doesn’t waver. You can also differentiate between hot, top, new or even controversial stories making navigation that bit easier.

Wrap Up

What else can I say? Reddit To Go is an awesome application which in my mind has changed the way that I use Reddit. As always better versions of a specific app are created and they eventually replace those we once used all the time. Personally, I feel this is what this application will do. It has an improved interface, functionality and setup, bu, still retains the processes which made Reddit the app we all love. A shining future for the front page of the internet.

Are you a fan of Reddit? Are you currently using the Windows 8 operating system? Then Reddit To Go should be one of the first apps you download! Thanks for reading. Let us know your views and opinions below.


Reddit To Go is an app for Windows 8 which takes the app to another level of awesomeness.

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