PayPal: Manage Money Easily On Your Phone

As a freelance writer on the internet, all of my payment come through Paypal. The web version of the service is great for transferring money to your account quickly and keeping track of it at the same time. However, I’m often on the move and only accompanied by my mobile phone — this often makes it hard to check how much is in my account making PayPal mobile the far better option for me.

With PayPal mobile you can quickly and safely keep an eye on your money wherever you are. The app possesses most of the abilities of the webpage which means you’ll find it very easy not to use PayPal in any other form.

First Steps

After downloading the app, you have the choice to either log in with “Mobile Number and Pin” or “Email Address and Password.” The “Mobile and Pin” option is specifically built for fast login on your mobile phone. To make a PIN you need to just head into the settings and pick a code.

Other settings include adding a Profile Picture and linking a debit/credit card. Apart from also being able to change location settings that’s the extend of the settings of this application. This simplistic approach means that users aren’t constantly struggling to navigate around the application.

Account Page

The first page you’ll come to is the account page and this acts as the hub for all transactions. Here you can see your balance as well as the money you have available. Underneath this you have a list of all your recent activity so you can look back and track any payments which are coming out of your account.

The account page gives you all the information you need.

One of the main reasons this app appealed to me was that I could quickly see any changes which had occurred. It also gave me respite as I am always able to check why random money has left my PayPal account. When on the go, without a laptop, it’s often hard doing this and finding out quicker saves you from worrying.


The feature which PayPal has put the most focus is the local page. The “PayPal Hereā„¢ service” has recently been adopted by a wide range of merchants all over the world. And if merchants have signed up to the service and work in the local area they will be displayed on this page.

On local you can see every business using PayPal which is nearby .

This is fantastic for users who would rather pay with their PayPal account opposed to the standard bank. Giving people this choice is great as they aren’t forced into paying in a certain way every time they visit a different shop. This service also acts as a quick way to find different attractions and restaurants which are nearby — which is really helpful in unknown locations.

Sending And Requesting Money

The final page of this application is the way you send and request money. I’ll cover sending first. To send money you first need to pick either an email address or mobile number to send to. Next down you need to specify an amount of money. Alongside this you have options to change to a range of different currencies and can bring up a helpful calculator if you don’t know how much you owe.

Sending money is a relatively easy task.

Optionally you can add a message which explains the reason for payment. I often receive money through PayPal off friends and this added message really helps me to understand why this money is being sent. The final option is to choose what the payment is for. The options are “Friends or Family” and “Goods or Services.” And you’re done, sending money isn’t a difficult task at all.

Requesting money through PayPal works in exactly the same way. The only difference is that you don’t have the final option which decides who the payment is for. PayPal has definitely created a simple service, but it has really paid off.


My favourite part of this app is the interface. The developers, “eBay Inc.” really didn’t do a great job with the eBay application on Windows Phones. Personally, I don’t like the design of that app and it really disappointed me. And I did expect the same with PayPal, however, I was quite wrong.

Once selecting a business you can quickly find out all their details.

You can tell the developers have obviously put a lot more effort into this. Everything works smoothly as well as looking good too. I really don’t think they could of replicated the PayPal web experience in a better way.

Wrap Up

For users who are often on-the-go and need constant access to their money then the PayPal application is an absolute must have. Even if you sit in your office all day this app still has its merits. The main selling point is that you quickly access your account in a hassle free manner and that is why this will attract an audience.

However, as well as that users also have access to the Local feature which does add an extra element to the procedure. Sometimes I even find myself using Local more than everything else.

This is definitely a fantastic service on the Windows Phone platform and I prefer it to the Android version too. I highly recommend any PayPal user to download this instantly.

Thanks for reading! How do you keep track of your money on Paypal? Let us know below.


With PayPal's official Windows Phone application there is no need to ever use the standard webpage ever again. Accessing your money on-the-go is a great ability to possess.