Fliptoast: The Total Social Networking Experience!

In modern society, social networks have become the norm. Gone are the days of basic communication — we like to share everything else with the world over the web now. Nowadays, I never have to check the news or even look outside my window for the weather – I’m sure that someone’s “Tweeting” about it. However, social networks do take different forms and the majority of us use a few different networks.

Although, keeping in control of every single one is often a hard task. Fliptoast is a brand new Windows 8 app which combines four of the biggest social networks into one easy to use application. Bringing together Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn makes Fliptoast a powerful app which will save you the trouble of navigation and organization.

Read on to find out more!

Setting Up Your Accounts

As I mentioned you can link up four different accounts to Fliptoast. Adding just one account is enough to fulfill the app’s concept though. Adding these accounts couldn’t be any easier too.

By clicking on the right hand corner, the app will bring up a side tab which when clicking Accounts will let you add the networks you use. Personally I’m a big fan of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram meaning that this application is very useful in my everyday life.

Adding accounts to Fliptoast.

Once you’ve logged into all your accounts they will always be synced in for every time you load the app, avoiding the hassle of typing in multiple passwords over and over.

Working Your Way Around the App

The app is split into different sections (for reference, I’m only using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, if you use LinkedIn this may be setup differently.) The first part of the app is Today’s Posts this is a regularly updating list which will show you all recent posts on Twitter. Clicking on a Tweet you can see the Tweeters profile as well as being able to reply/favorite/retweet by right clicking.

Dashboard design of Fliptoast.

The next tab along is photos. Here you will have a summary of all images posted on Instagram and Twitter. This is great for checking all your recent Instagram updates. Messages come next, and this allows you to view all of your Twitter private connections. Fourth is Birthdays which is often helpful for the embarrassing times when you’ve forgotten someones special day. Throughout the week this will give you upcoming dates.


The final tab, and my most hated, is Friends. Having a total of around 1400 between Twitter and Facebook isn’t the best with this app. This friends list is very extensive and pretty irregular. The massive list, if you do need to use it, makes you scroll forever to find the person you want and that definitely isn’t an enjoyable experience.

Interface And Functionality

Do I like the interface? Well, that’s something I’m still not totally sure of. First, I do like the color scheme: everything seems bright and breezy. The opening dashboard design is also quite delightful too. You can see all the recent Tweets, pictures and status’ instantly — these are always updated and it’s nice to have a constant feed.

Interacting with Tweets.

However, on to the negatives. I do feel that once you leave the opening screen and search deeper, everything is just there in too big a number. If you’re anything like me you’ll have many friends and followers meaning that there’s a lot of traffic coming through your accounts. But, unfortunately Fliptoast doesn’t try to condense this and everything comes at you in one go.

Moving onto functionality, I’m again disappointed. You do have all the basic features such as being able to retweet, post and favorite, but the design is just horrific. As well as that, on the Instagram section of the app you are unable to view other’s comments on your pictures. I feel this is a major flaw, but, if you don’t use Instagram this isn’t going to be a big deal.

I know that most of this section has been personal preference, so please don’t be put off.


If you’ve read my Reddit To Go article I raved about how much I loved the way the app “Snapped” to the side of the screen. And after I’ve just slated the structure, admittedly, I do like the way the snap interface is set up. Here you have options to break your updates into four sections: Today’s Posts, Photos, Messages and Friends.

Snapping to the right of the screen.

Even though this is basically the same, I do like how the design is more condensed. Being in a small space means that you’re not bombarded with hundreds of posts at one single time. Another app, which is suited to the Snapping feature.

Is This Worth Using?

I know I haven’t been 100% positive about Fliptoast, but please do take a look for yourself. The Windows 8 operating system is still relatively new and in the developing phase. None of the apps are going to be perfect yet and I’m sure a lot more are to come. Forgetting that though, Fliptoast is an app which has a good foundation. This app has a nice concept which I think can be developed a long way and will be great when perfected.

Wrap Up

The Windows 8 store isn’t too big and we’re all waiting for more to be added. However, some of them have really good features and fit perfectly into the Windows ecosystem. Fliptoast is one of my firm favorites.

Thanks for reading! Would you use Fliptoast? Let us know below.

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Fliptoast is a new Windows 8 application which brings together your social networking accounts into one piece of software.