Emergency Kit: Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Recently I was looking through the finalists for the Next App Star awards to see if there were any apps that were worth using. And one which really stood out to me was Emergency Kit, mainly because of the innovative nature of it. In Emergency Kit users can create profiles highlighting all of their medical history, allergies and much more. This is an app which acts as a helper when disastrous times occur.

In my opinion, people should have a form of this on themselves at all times to make situations far easier to deal with. And by having this on your phone, the device you always have in your pocket, you can be assured that it will always be accessible. Read on to find out how to use Emergency Kit!

How To Create Your Emergency Profile

After installing the app your first step is to create your emergency profile, this is the basis of what the app is built upon and will serve as a great reminder in times of trouble. Navigating to this page is simple too, once opening the application and pressing edit you’ll be taken straight there.

The first page you need to enter details into is “My Information.” Most importantly, I feel, you need to add a photo ID, this is going to helpful to strangers if they need to identify you. Further down you can add a full name, address and DOB. All of these are important fields which are necessary in emergency situations. The next four boxes are Blood Type, Allergies, Medications and general notes. As you can see, we have quickly covered all the basics which people in the medical profession need to know when dealing with an incident — making Emergency Kit really useful.

The UI for filling in your profile is easy to follow.

Emergency contacts are also very important, if family and friends need to be notified of an event. On the next tile across you can input the Full Name, Relationship and Phone Number of as many contacts as you would like. I also like that you can input this data straight from your contact book by tapping a small icon in the left hand corner. Hopefully, you won’t miss anyone off this vital list.

The emergency profile once finished.

After you finish these two pages all of that information will be readily available on the front page of the app. A little extra here is that you are able to touch any emergency contact and ring them straight away — giving you the ability to quickly contact anyone important. (Your profile can be edited as much as you like too, the first details you type in aren’t set in stone.)


I expected that once you had filled in your emergency profile that would be it, however, the app offers a whole lot more which is just as helpful. If you swipe to the right once you can share your location, start a hazard light or even activate the SOS morse code sequence. I expect the majority of the population in times of danger either don’t have the means to send out an SOS signal or know the signal themselves, but yet it could be life saving. By tapping on one button you’re able to have a tool which can be noticed from miles away.

The option to send out an SOS signal is great.

The final page gives you a whole load of information which applies for nearly every situation. The travel section covers global emergency numbers and instructions (with pictures) on how to jump start a car battery — I actually found that this was really easy to follow and definitely taught me something new. On the first aid section users are able to access instructions on how to deal with a range of different situations. These include: CPR, Heimlich, Allergic Reactions, Poison, Broken Bones, Excessive Bleeding and Snake Bites. Covering all major incidents is great for bystanders which may not know how to help the situation before medical professionals arrive.

Helpful information is available at the touch of a button.

The last section is called Be Prepared and gives you information on how to build a perfect survival kit. This list is pretty extensive so gathering them all may seem like an irrelevant task when you first look at it. There is also a page which gives you the relevant details on how to sanitize water and cook food properly. You are also recommended to carry six different documents in case your phone does lose battery or isn’t with you.


While setting up an emergency profile may be a great thing to do there are two big limitations to having the information on your phone. The first is that if your phone runs out of battery or you forget it then all this information is useless. The second is that if you’ve fallen unconscious how are the medical professionals and bystanders going to know that you have this information on your phone. I’m sure that their first movement wouldn’t be to check your phone on the off chance that you have all your medical information there. Really, for them to assume this, everyone would have to be using this application — which I would highly encourage.

You can tell that the app itself has no major limitations and performs admirably. The limitations only arise because of the fact that the information is on your phone.

Why I Love Emergency Kit

The main reason that Emergency Kit appealed to me was that it was far more extensive and useful than any app I had seen previously. Others had often missed out key features which needed to be there to make the app worth using. With this application you know that you are covering everything and that it will prove useful at some point in time. Whether it’s just serves as a reminder of emergency details or as a detailed description for medical professionals I’m sure it will be used at some point. No wonder that this is a finalist for the Next App Star awards.


Emergency Kit is an app which every person should have on their phone. It’s a great idea and achieves a very important concept. The app is also very well designed and you can tell that the developers know what they are talking about.

Thanks for reading! Do you use Emergency Kit? Or something of a similar nature? Let us know below.


Emergency Kit is an app which lets its user record all of their medical information in a simple way. While you may never to use this app, it really makes people feel safer in the knowledge that the information is available if the time comes.