Diary Buddy: Redefining Diary Keeping

I hold the opinion that everyone needs a simple diary on them at all times. A diary gives the owner the ability to almost document their own lives and in turn allow them to look back at the past. Not only does this serve as a great recollection, but it generally allows people to be more organised in everyday life. Alas, the day’s of written diaries have now ended for me and I now use digital equivalents.

These are much cheaper and if you forget your pen, it doesn’t matter. Joking aside, a digital diary is much easier to use and allows to do far more at a much quicker rate. However, there are so many diary apps out there that it’s hard to pick one perfectly suited for you. One which I discovered a few weeks ago was Diary Buddy. Since that point I’ve replaced my old diary application and started to use Diary Buddy exclusively.


When picking your diary application you need to consider everything you need. Do you want a formal or informal display? Monthly subscription or completely free? What extras do you need to make your everyday life a bit easier? And for me, Diary Buddy was one app which complied with all of my answers.

When answering the above questions, firstly, I would describe Diary Buddy as adopting an informal style. As you’ll soon notice, the app the very colourful and doesn’t look boring or bland in any shape or form. The app is also free so you never ever need to pay anything. One thing I should mention is that the app is ad-free too. I get the feeling that the developers are more focused on delivering a good service instead of making profit for themselves.

The interface on Diary Buddy is fun and inviting.

And even though I can stand advertisements, they do get annoying and I’m sure many others would say exactly the same. This unfamiliar move to make everything free just makes the experience better. The final question about extras will be explained as we move through this article.

Exploring Diary Buddy

Once downloading the tiny 2MB file which is Diary Buddy, you’ll be faced with quite an empty display. When adding your first note this is the process you will go through. Working from the top to bottom there is quite a lot of fields which you can change. The first is a mood bar which is hidden up in the top left corner.

Here there is a range of different moods and they all relate to a colour. I love this because even if you don’t have time to add loads of details you can quickly record a quick piece of information. Next along you can pick your location, if your location settings are turned on this will be set instantly. Further down you can add an image which relates to that specific day — this a great way to capture memories.

Adding doodles is really easy.

Below that you have the text box. Nothing is really special about this except for the fact you can document your day here. After filling in all of these fields it feels like you’re just about done, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

In the settings bar at the bottom you have options to add a video, more photos, a drawing or a voice recording. It was the drawing feature which was the best extra for me. Clicking on the drawing picture you’re taken to what is a Paint-Like interface. By only giving you the bare basics and only eighteen different colours there is no need to spend hours perfecting your image. After finishing the simple doodle this can be also added to the diary entry.

Collecting Everything Together

Once you’ve finished modifying your entry its automatically saved to your phone. You can also choose to email the entry to anyone you like. I use this feature a lot so I can share my day’s thoughts and pictures with friends and family. This quick and effective method allows me to back up entries as well as sharing memories — something which is hard with a written diary.

The app collects all your doodles together so you can track them easier.

Searching for past events is very easy as you have an interactive calendar. This means you don’t have to go searching down a humongous list once your entries build up. Another feature which I liked was that all of your photos, videos, doodles and voice recordings are saved individually in “Collections.” This makes it generally easier to find one particular type of medium.

The final reason I picked Diary Buddy is that I could set a password. This is fantastic as it means that I know that my data is always safe. You do have the option to email yourself the password too, just as small backup.

Is Anything Missing?

There’s only a few things that are really missing on Diary Buddy too. The first is an external backup such as Dropbox, if at any time you lose or wipe your phone all your entries are instantly gone. To have complete peace of mind this would be helpful.

Finding old entries isn’t difficult.

The second thing which would be a complete desire would be apps on every platform. I’m sure that something like this is in the mind of the developers because it would be beneficial for users like me who have other devices on different platforms. However, for the time being, I’m more than happy to use this application on my mobile phone.


Diary Buddy is a fantastic application which gives users a great way to put their everyday lives into words and pictures. The functionality is absolutely top class and I’m definitely going to be using this app in the foreseeable future.

I also really need to commend the developers of Diary Buddy as they’ve done a pretty good job in designing this application. I actually couldn’t believe that this has been their first ever project because of the high standard of everything. It really proves that the best apps don’t have to come from the major developers who plough millions into their applications. I wish the team the best of luck for the future and can’t wait to see the app advance.

Thanks for reading! Do you use a digital diary? Let us know below.


Some people love to keep a diary on them at all times and if you've had enough of the paper form then Diary Buddy could be for you.