Daily History: Learn Something New Everday

Whether learning about history is something we enjoy or not, everyone has had to find out new information one time or the other. However, we often forget about key moments in history which would be interesting to learn about. Daily History is an application which lets users look back in the past and find out what happened on that same day. By giving you little pieces of knowledge this is an app which can really help you learn a lot.

Daily History is a free application which is available on Windows Phones 7.5 and above. Read on to find out how exciting Daily History can be!

Using Daily History

When you first open the app you’ll be faced with a list of events with today’s date at the top. I’m writing this on the 4th March so I can see that People magazine was first published on today’s date in 1974. Tapping on this event will take you to a two paragraph description which gives you a brief introduction to the magazine and its origins. There are also links near the bottom of the page to other information.

At the bottom of the page you have two main options: share and translate — both of these are great for interacting better with the information. You can also report any inaccuracy’s if you come across them.

Looking at an event in Daily History.

Back on the main page you can choose to either swipe to left or right to read up on other days or change the settings at the bottom. The first is the change of the time period. Here you can choose to view one day, seven days or even thirty days at a time. This defeats the point of “daily” but allows you to access information quickly.

Other settings include: changing the categories and selecting a country. Again, this filters down your information even more, giving you a chance to view the stuff you really want. There’s also a main menu where you can change various settings depending on your preferences.

Customising your categories is an easy task.

You’ll soon see that Daily History is a very simple app which won’t take ages to grasp. It’s this simplicity which makes it so effective.

Pinning Tiles

However, the best feature I use Daily History for is its pinning system and integration with your home screen. By going into your menu and clicking on live tiles you can manage all of these. To create tiles you need to click the plus at the bottom of the manage screen.

Here you can alter every single part of the tile and make it how you want. The first options you’ll come to are changing the name this is really quite trivial. Next you can change the colour of tiles — allowing them to match your others much easier. You can then pick which event is displayed on the front and the back of each tile too. On one of mine I display today’s event on the front and tomorrows on the back — giving me much quicker access to the information I want.

Creating tiles isn’t a complicated process.

The amount of effort and detail the developers have put into designing this section is brilliant. It allows users to customise every part of their experience and connecting with the users is always the right way to go. If you’re thinking of using Daily History please make the most out of these tiles.


The one thing which does suffer is the general interface. This isn’t the most appealing of displays and could really be improved. On top of that there is advertisements at the bottom of the screen which can soon become quite annoying — I don’t actually think there is a way to remove these either.

One thing I should say is that if you’re only going to use the Live Tile system on Daily History these interface problems won’t affect you. The Tiles will impress you much more with their beautiful design.

The live tiles you can create are really beautiful.

For some users, including me, interface is everything. Users who have this view and aren’t fond of the tile layout are going to be disappointed. Making this the only major negative I can find with Daily History. However, apart from that the app seems to perform in every single department.

Enless Soft

The developers of Daily History are called Enless Soft and the apps they produce are all small but effective. Ranging from an LED flashlight to a Birthday diary each one is built for a certain purpose. And if you enjoy Daily History you should really check out some of their other fantastically simple apps.


Daily History is an app which is purely designed fit for purpose. Yes, the interface may not be the most pleasing, but it works with the concept. You’re able to gather information quickly and move on with your day in a flash. Daily History is an app for anyone too. From any walk of life people are able to relate to past events. And even if you don’t find the facts entertaining, they’re great things to bring up in conversation.

On Windows. Appstorm I always aim to look at simple applications which I could use every day. I feel these benefit people the most as they don’t take too long out of people’s days but still complete a simple concept. And if you’re fill your device with any type of application, it’s bound to ones like Daily History.

Thanks for reading! Do you use Daily History at the moment? Or is it going to be your next download? Let us know in the comments below.


Daily History is an app which allows you to look back in history on today's date. Giving you interesting information everyday is fantastic!