Come into Musical Harmony: A Review of doubleTwist

We as Windows users, watched by the sidelines as Mac people got iTunes to sync their portables devices and wireless syncing of content, while we had no real solution. doubleTwist is here and aims to be that solution.

doubleTwist offers a beautiful and seamless way to wirelessly sync, play your music collection, and even purchase from Amazon MP3, all on Windows. Lets jump right in and check it out!

Getting Started

Getting started with doubleTwist requires a few downloads on a few different devices. On your computer, simply go to . From there, download the version for Windows and get your download on!

If you have an Android device that you would like to sync, you need to download two more things. First in the Android Market you will need to download doubleTwist and for wireless syncing, download AirSync by doubleTwist. We will detail the sync process a little later on in this review.

Getting music into doubleTwist should not prove too challenging for you. If you already have iTunes installed on your machine and have a music library, it should recognize it. If it does not recognize it automatically, just click on Library, then Import iTunes Playlists.

If you never got to work with iTunes on Windows, good for you, you can use the same menu and just click Add Files to Library and your tunes will be in and ready to go!

doubleTwist Library Menu

doubleTwist Library Menu

Design & Interface

When it comes to digital jukebox player software design, it appears if you have seen one, you have pretty much seen it all. doubleTwist does its best to freshen up the tired layout many digital jukebox players have.

In some ways I like what doubleTwist does, in other ways I dislike it. It uses a three panel layout with playlists on the left side, and the center is divided between modes and your songs or albums, depending on your view.

doubleTwist Interface

doubleTwist Interface

You can change the view mode via the centrally located buttons at the bottom. The problem with doubleTwist is the permanently affixed Artists, Album, Genres area. It constantly takes up screen space, especially on my netbook, and I cannot seem to find out how to remove this. As far as I am concerned, if I cannot figure out how to remove it, I might just explode.

I know this may very well sound over-dramatic, but let me explain. In my main computer, I have a library consisting of hundreds of albums and an obsession with album art. With that, having a useless big box above on your screen is just a little too much for me. I do understand many people will never see a problem with this layout. However, other media players simply place little icons in the interface and not use a huge box.

View Options Box

View Options Box


When it comes to these media player apps, you would think it is pretty much a “been there done that” with functionality. You’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Many of the standard features includes album artwork, podcast integration, auto import from other media players, and other cool, but standard features. Many people boast that iTunes is superior due to its music store. While it is true that many alternative media players do not have integrated music stores, doubleTwist comes with a surprise. It has the Amazon Music Store built in!

Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon MP3 Store

The built in Amazon MP3 Store client allows you to log into your Amazon account and access Amazon’s intense and immense library of tunes and albums. Amazon’s MP3 Store is a formidable contender to iTune’s massive, gorilla sized music store.

You can still purchase music in iTunes and transfer it over if you so choose. That should remove any excuses to try doubleTwist. It is important to know that this includes only the Amazon MP3 Store and does not any include any video or feature film content. This content would have to be added manually.


You cannot talk about doubleTwist without talking about its mobile offerings. Besides, its mobile offerings are exactly why doubleTwist is recommended to many WIndows users. doubleTwist makes it easy for Android users to have a seamless sync experience with their Windows computer.

doubleTwist AirSync

doubleTwist AirSync

By downloading the AirSync client from the Android Market, you can use wireless sync to sync all of your media. Conversely, you can use your USB cord and connect your phone to the computer while in USB Mass Storage mode. Either way, getting tunes on your mobile is very easy!


When it comes to performance I always say it is a simple equation: a new and powerful computer speed – your computer speed = the current performance speed of an app.

Of course this is hard to figure out, so I will just tell you my experience with running the app on a dual core 2.4 ghz relatively new machine. Keep in mind that your mileage may vary.

With that said, doubleTwist is faster and lighter than its competitors, especially iTunes. Startup is speedy and everyday use is speedy. While checking CPU usage with a separate monitor app, it uses less than 2% on average. And most importantly, it does not use obscene amounts of memory.

Many of these multimedia apps, like old Firefox versions, just suck away CPU and memory — doubleTwist is very efficient in this regard. I did try this program on a machine that is about 8 years old and found that while it did run similarly smooth, video playback was choppy.


Just when you thought there would not be an elegant solution that handles your computer’s multimedia needs and your mobile needs, doubleTwist comes along and handles it with brilliance.

While there are other multimedia jukebox apps out there, with the low price tag of free, doubleTwist really seems to be the best choice. doubleTwist delivers on the performance front, it flies smooth and steady even when on older machines with lower capabilities.

All in all, if rated out of 10 stars, doubleTwist would get 8 out of 10 stars. Why 8 instead of 10? The few interface problems that I would like fixed; that is it! Go and download it and try for yourself.