Test Your Skills With What’s the Word?

I absolutely loved playing Draw Something. Till now, I thought it was only available for Apple and Android platforms but no, they are available for Windows too. Sadly, it is not free and I didn’t really want to pay for a game that I play once a week.

So, I was searching for a free game in more or less the same category in the Windows Marketplace and I came across What’s the Word?. That was an interesting title, meaning I really had to check out what it really was. With 50k+ reviews, it felt like an easy choice. Let me tell you what the game is all about.


What’s the Word is essentially a puzzle which involves a lot of thinking but in a fun way. The game consists of a number of puzzle and in each puzzle, there are four pictures describing a word.

Now, the four pictures doesn’t really describe a part of each word but rather, each picture describes the word independently. There are 12 random letters at the bottom which also includes the letters that actually construct the word.

The objective of the game is to see the pictures, guess the word and select the letters to form the word. Now, isn’t that interesting?

User Interface

The game has an uncomplicated and a very straight forward interface. There are neither extra themes nor there any other settings. The whole interface has a blue and yellow combination and I felt like I was playing an old computer game.

You can mute the sound if you want and it is good since it could be a tiny bit distracting. When you are in the game screen, as I said earlier, four pictures are displayed.

If you want to take a closer look at one of the pictures, you could simply tap on the picture. By doing so, the pictures enlarges automatically to the size of your screen. The pictures that are used are very thoughtful and bright – I should say.

In-Game Objectives

Initially, you start off with the first album. At the initial stage, the puzzles are quite easy. You get easy letters like dog, love etc. The pictures are very straightforward and you really don’t have to put in a lot of thought to find the word. Guessing a word wouldn’t take more than five seconds.

Every time you get a word right, you gain 15 gold coins. When you play it for the first time, you start with zero coins and to boost up your spirits, you have to do a little bribing. Just write a review for the game and you can earn 350 coins in a jiffy.

The coins comes to your rescue when you are stuck with a word. Some words may be really tough to guess and you can reveal the first letter of the word by spending off 100 coins. For 250 coins, all the additional letters vanishes and you are just left with the letters that actually construct the word.

I really think the hints are very costly. Just think about it, you get 15 coins per puzzle and it takes more than 6 successful solved puzzles just to reveal a word. It is really unreasonable and the game could be a lot better if they just lowered the price of the hints – that is what I think.

In the game, there are nine albums in total and each albums contains a lot of puzzles. All the albums except the first one is locked when you start playing. Once 70% of the puzzles in a single album are completed, the next album is unlocked. Ergo, after you finish 70%, you can skip the current album and jump to the next one.

When you tap on an album, it displays a small tick at the bottom of the picture if you have completed a puzzle. So, if you have skipped some puzzles, you can come back later and play it even if you are in the far end of the game.

A Closer Look at the Pictures

Let me give you an example of the pictures used to describe the word. The word I’m supposed to find is Blend. Like I said, there are four pictures each describing the word.

One picture displays a cup and saucer with coffee placed on the coffee beans. The second picture describes a woman putting blush on her face. The third picture portrays a painting brush and a bunch of colors. The final picture displays simply a blender. I think some of the pictures are actually taken by the developer team for sole use in the app.

When you look at these pictures suddenly, you wouldn’t guess that the word is blend – most people won’t. It takes a lot of time to connect the dots and take a guess and hey, this is level one of the puzzle. But there are no difficult words and you don’t have to be an English professor to find the words. All of the words are very simple and we use it in the day to day life.

No Gameplay at All!

What’s the Word? doesn’t offer any gameplay — at a;;. There are no timers involved and you can take as many guesses as you want to find the word. It may sound easy and unchallenging. But it takes an awful amount of time to guess a single word mainly in the higher levels.

With a timer on our back, I’m sure instead of the game being fun, it would get frustrating and there is a chance the player would stop playing the game. So, I guess the developers has made the right call to not to go with any such thing for the game.

Wrapping Up

What’s the Word is a nice game to play when you are bored and when you want to give your brain a little work. It is such a pleasure to play and the pictures that they have used are very thoughtful. Plus, What’s the word offers 192 unique puzzles and I don’t know what else to ask for. The fact that it is free gains an extra point.


4 pictures, 1 word: can you guess the word which describes all four images?