Take Card Payments Anywhere With PayPal Here

If you rely on PayPal for your daily transactions then PayPal Here for Windows is a useful app to help grow your business by enabling you to take payments on Windows.

PayPal Here is a secure and easy way to manage sales transactions including support for mobile devices so you take payments anywhere. PayPal Now enables users to enjoy support for back-office management, POS, and allows you to start accepting credit and debit card payments. Card payments can be taken on your PC or on the move with a mobile device thanks to PayPal’s free mobile card reader and app.

Accept card payments through Windows

PayPal Here allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards though and charges the same transaction fee no matter what card the client is using. If you don’t want to take card payment, you can issue an invoice online simply by entering the client’s mobile number or email address. PayPal Here for Windows also supports manual cash and check transactions. If you have any problems using PayPal Here, there’s free 24/7 live customer support and there are no commitments or monthly fees or cancellation fees.

Note that there is a small fee for taking card payments. PayPal charges a transaction fee of 2.7% per card swipe and card payments only works in the US at the moment.

PayPal Now makes it easy to take payments on Windows.

PayPal Now makes it easy to take payments on Windows.

Quick to set up

You can be and running with PayPal Now very quickly. Just download the app, take a few minutes to set it up and you can be selling immediately. Of course, if you need to take card payments, you’ll have to wait for the card reader to be delivered but it is free.

To make things look more professional, you can customize your business profile and receipts, and improve customer satisfaction by stating a clear returns policy and creating a recognizable branded card statement for your business.

You can refund any PayPal Here transaction by clicking the Settings icon and Sales Activity and then Sales History. Just find the transaction you want to refund, tap it, and select Refund. You can refund the entire amount or just a part of it.

Keep track of your sales

PayPal Here also helps you monitor the progress of your business through a series of reports. You can run customized sales reports by date, salesperson, items, and more—all in a few clicks.

You can pull sales reports on both Windows and on mobile devices. Simply go to Sales Activity (under Settings) and then click Sales Reports to see the current day’s sales summary. You can use the arrows to view previous days’ summaries and you click Daily label to change the view to weekly, monthly, or yearly or to select a custom date.

PayPal Now keeps track of your sales so that you can review how you did daily, monthly and annually.

PayPal Now keeps track of your sales so that you can review how you did daily, monthly and annually.

Take command of your inventory

Other useful features of PayPal Here include the possibility to manage your inventory by categorizing your inventory list and uploading photos. This functionality doesn’t extend as far as standalone inventory management apps like Stitch Labs, Brightpearl, or TradeGecko, but it’s a quick and dirty way to keep track of inventory.

PayPal Here supports multiple users – up to 1,000 users to one account – all with separate passwords and access levels. As a PayPal now user, you can even take out business loans from PayPal by using PayPal Working Capital. PayPal Working Capital is basically a fast business loan with no credit check and fixed repayments although its not clear if there’s any qualifying period before being eligible for it.


PayPal Here is an excellent tool for small business owners to expand their sales capabilities, and offers a quick and relatively hassle-free way to accept credit card payments in stores.

It’s handy if you want a Windows-centric solution, but there are plenty of cool cloud-based POS systems available too, such as Vend, Springboard Retail, and Hike, which offer point of sale, inventory management and eCommerce functionality.


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