Stay Safe with 1Password for Windows

Securing our sensitive information on our computers should be a goal all of us should pursue. In this age of fraud and hacking, we can enjoy the piece of mind a secure application can give us when talking about our secure information. 1Password is an elegant solution to the problem of securing your information to keep it safe.

1Password has the ability not only to store passwords, but also social security number, credit card numbers, loyalty card info and more! Also, 1Password is elegant and cross platform ensuring you can access your data anywhere. So come on and read on as we review 1Password!

Getting Started

Getting started with 1Password is simple and easy. Simply visit and download the software for your PC. If you want to try it first, just download their fully featured free 30 trial.

Once you are ready to purchase, 1Password will set you back $49.99. As a companion and separate product, you can purchase apps for mobile devices of many varieties, including a beta for Windows Phone 7!

1Password Welcome Screen

1Password Welcome Screen

Once the program is installed, you can open the program and set your master password. The master password is your security guard and gate that you must also have in order to access the data within. So as an important note, do not forget it! Also just know that the master password must still be secure.

1Password Create Password

1Password Create Password


At first glance you would just assume that 1Password only stores your passwords, you would be not wrong, but you would be incomplete. The truth is, that 1Password can do a whole bunch more than that. Along with passwords, you can also store credit cards, social security, bank account, secure notes, contacts, and more.

Agilebits, the developers, also have apps available on iOS, Windows Phone 7, Android, and Mac. The beauty of 1Password is that you can actually sync between your Windows apps and all of the other apps available with Dropbox. You must have a Dropbox account to participate and it does eat at your storage quota, so keep that in mind.

If you use other password managers now, 1Password can import from many popular programs making it easy to get started with the program. Any passwords stored within web browsers installed on your computer can be pulled out as well.

1Password Browser Extensions

1Password Browser Extensions

If you are a big online shopper, you will be pleased to know 1Password can speed things up for you. You can only use this feature with Google Chrome, but you can use what they call “identities” to quickly fill in payment data.

Design & Interface

When thinking about the design of 1Password, the only word to describe it would be beautiful. Agilebits first created 1Password for the Mac platform and brought the wonderful design aesthetic to the Windows to keep the design cohesive.

The design is full of colored ions and a clean white palette. The clean design allows the content and the features of the application to shine without having to hunt and find for what you are looking for.

1Password Interface

1Password Interface

Along with a great design must come a great, usable interface. 1Password achieves a usable interface. All of the functions are easy to get to. At the very top of the window, you will see what I call the essential buttons. These buttons allows you to create an assortment of items including new passwords, notes, software keys, and more!

1Password Toolbar

1Password Toolbar

To compliment the button bar on the top, you also have a list of your different data types of to the left side. The list is easy on the eyes and organized in a clean and straight forward fashion.

The design and interface of 1Password is clean and intuitive. It makes it easy to use the app and presents a variety of information in a understandable format. 1Password gets a high score for its design and interface.

1Password Sidebar

1Password Sidebar


1Password and the amount of data it stores can cause a little slow down on your computer, if you are not careful. I tested this program by adding close to 300 different data types to test performance. Please keep in mind that 300 passwords and accompanying data is on the mid range of what some people may have. While doing this test I had all other non essential programs and processes closed.

For comparison, I also tested the performance with only 50 passwords and data. There was close to a 10% increase in cpu usage when there were 300 passwords as compared to only 50. There was no noticable slowdown that I could see.

Although the increase was there, you will not have a problem with the program bringing your computer to a screeching halt or even bothering your normal workflow. So you will have no problem with 1Password in reference to performance.


As I stated at the very beginning, security is on the minds of everyone. So a tool that helps to secure all of your sensitive data, should be among the top priority on your software purchase list.

1Password really does have all that one could expect in an application. It has a beautiful design, functional interface, a great feature set, and it is reasonably priced. 1Password is priced at $49.99 for a single user license. For $20 more, you can get a family license (up to 5 installs) to cover your household.

To get your feet wet, you can simply try 1Password for 30 days for yourself. Out of 10 possible stars, 1Password gets 8! If they made it a tad bit cheaper, they would get a full 10 stars.


1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.