Start Splurging Online With eBay Mobile

For sometime now, I’ve wanted to try out the ebay app. Even though I buy 70% of my stuff in ebay, I had never downloaded the mobile version — I almost always use the web version. I guess it’s finally time and here I am with a fancy Windows phone and an app just for online shopping.

Getting Started

ebay is tiny weighing in at around 2MB. Just go to the Marketplace and download it. When you run it for the first time, the app asks you to accept a bunch of terms and conditions. No one I know ever reads it and I didn’t too. So, just go ahead and tap Accept.

There are two types of ebay users. Ones who actually buy through ebay and others who just browse through the stuff to get an idea on the prices and get it locally. So, if you are a person who actually uses ebay and have an account, sign in so that you can purchase stuff.

When you sign in, the app displays the information about your account in the main screen. That includes unread messages and also reminds you to leave a feedback to a seller if you haven’t left already.

If you don’t have an account, that is not a problem too. You are not missing out any features and you can go ahead, look for items and prices.

By default, the app’s country setting is USA. If you are from somewhere else, just go to the settings and change the location. The app refreshes in a jiffy.

Sifting Through the Interface

I like the interface of the ebay site. Luckily, the app is no different when it comes to the quality of the interface. It looks very professional and user friendly. The theme color and accent color of your Windows Phone matches the background and text color of the app. Everything is pretty much self explanatory and I didn’t notice any gesture related movements.

Once the app loads completely, the home screen consists of a search screen which is basically the backbone of the ebay. The home screen also displays deals that might interest you. I noticed that it updates everyday. The deals are designed as tiles that shows a picture as well as the percentage of discount.

The screen after the home screen is a surprisingly new feature that is unavailable in the desktop version. It is called Explore ebay. We can discuss about it a little while since I have a couple of things I want to tell you.

The next screen is specifically for sellers. You can list your items here and if you are new to selling, ebay has top 10 selling tips that might be helpful to newbies.

The one after that is My ebay. This basically gives an overall summary of your account – the number of items you have bought or sold, items you are watching and your messages.

Looking for Deals

Every time I visit ebay, the first thing I do is get a quick view on the deals that it offers. There is always a 50% off on something and who would want to miss that?

Like I said previously, the home screen readily displays a bunch of hot deals. If you want to see all the deals, just tap on more deals. Here the screen breaks down into two namely top and category.

The items are listed one after the other so that you can scroll up and down to view all the listings. It displays the actual price as well as the discounted price for a little bit of aww. In the Category screen, the items are grouped by category, needless to say.

If you want to view items from only a specific category, you have to tap on any of the category title and the app displays all the items in that category.

Searching for Stuff to Buy

The search in the app works exactly like the one on the site. Just type in the item and hit search and voila! There are no surprises there. One important thing I noticed is that I couldn’t select a category right before I searched. The app forced me to type in a keyword and only from the screen after that I could select a category.

One good thing is that the category shows the number of items it contains with the specific keyword. But still, I couldn’t view all the items in a category and when I tried it crashed and I had to restart the app. Bummer!

Anyway, the search results are displayed in a new screen which is divided in to All, Auctions and Buy it now. When you select an item, the app displays a detailed description about shipping, payment and gives a quick overview of the item. One thing I should mention here is you can pay only via paypal though the app. Other payments are not supported in the mobile version and you have to go to the site and get it.

When you place a bid, the app notifies you if someone has outbid you. But you ought to enable that in the settings. Sadly, the notifications doesn’t work sometimes. One more feature here is that you can save the search and watch the item you are interested in.

If the results are so huge, you can sort the search as you do in the site. There are options like best match, price+shipping:highest, distance:nearest first etc. You know all these, right?

Exploring the Different Facets of eBay

One thing that attracted me the most in the app and worth mentioning is Find gifts and Explore ebay. This is quite useful when you have no idea what to get for someone as a gift and the app helps you by asking a number of questions and based on the answers, ebay suggests you something relevant.

Here is an example. Firstly, the interface here is 3×3 tile. Now, to get started, you have to select a category. There are nine categories and I choose gadgets. The next question is Interest, for and gender. You can answer for any one of the questions and I choose gender – Him.

Now, the apps displays three more questions and at this step, it takes a quick guess and fills the rest of the tiles with gadgets. If you don’t like any of the suggested items, you can continue and answer a bunch of other questions. I had always thought finding a gift is frustrating, but this way, it is way too much fun.

Wrapping Up

I couldn’t say it is the best app in the market nor could I say it is much better than the actual site, but having an ebay app is good to check for instant prices and for impulsive purchases. It is totally free of cost and so you lose nothing.


The eBay Mobile application is designed specifically for Windows Phone. Using a streamlined interface that's as elegant as it is practical, eBay members can search, bid, and check their activity on the go. Buyers can submit that last-minute bid on a hard-to-find item, sellers can check on their sales, and act on time-sensitive information on the spot without a computer.

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