Speed Up Your Computer With JetBoost

We’ve all had those days where we wish our computer was working just a little bit faster. We close all the programs that we aren’t using, but nothing works. That’s where JetBoost comes in!

Whether you need to speed up your computer for intensive graphic / processing work, or you need more available RAM for gaming, JetBoost can be the right solution for almost anyone’s need. Let’s go check it out if this software can help you out.


The 2.89 MB setup files can be downloaded from here. JetBoost is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2008 – both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is provided in 16 different languages, English being the default. The software works on a variety of devices and in different languages, ensuring almost anyone can use it.

Select “Download @ Author’s Site” and the download will begin. The software uses just under 10 MB on your hard drive. JetBoost is completely free, and does not have any upgrades available.

Launching the Software

JetBoost works by freezing processes and programs that aren’t required for core Windows functions, allowing more system resources to be allocated to the important processes – such as games and processor-intensive programs. JetBoost should automatically launch after installation is complete. You are then taken to the software, where “for game” is automatically selected. As you can see from the screenshot, JetBoost goes ahead and selects certain processes, services, non-Windows services and other programs to temporarily close. Both the gaming and work options automatically select processes for you to close, while custom allows you to select your own options.

The easy one-click setup makes it easy to use JetBoost quickly.

It is recommended that you actually click all four processes or services and see exactly what the program is about to close. Although JetBoost does not close anything on your computer which may have harmful or hazardous consequences, it may close something you wish it didn’t. That being said, I have not yet seen JetBoost close something I needed while gaming or simply trying to boost my computer’s speed.

It is also recommend that you open up “processes” and select any undesired programs. JetBoost doesn’t close programs currently running on the taskbar or background, but you may feel that you do not currently need them and can close them through this.

JetBoost lets you select the specific processes you want to freeze.

Also be sure to check out the “other” option, as it may have selected certain options that you may not agree with, such as disabling Windows updates or clearing your clipboard.

After you select any undesired processes, you will notice that the mode is now changed to “custom”. This is normal and the software has not deselected any previously selected options. Once you’ve chosen, press the “Start to Boost” button at the top. The program usually takes 15 seconds or less (depending on your selected options) to close your programs and speed up your computer. JetBoost tells you how much faster it has made your computer through a percentage. In my case, JetBoost had increased my performance by 42%. However, it doesn’t mention how this number is calculated.

The simple UI is a pleasure to use, and is informative without being cluttered.

Although this is pretty neat, there are definitely several details that could’ve been included that would be useful, such as changes in CPU usage and available memory. Nevertheless, Task Manager still revealed all this information to me.



Clearly the program made a difference and increased the performance of my computer. 18 processes were closed; CPU usage dropped by 8% and physical memory was lowered by 12%.

What Makes JetBoost Special?

Why would someone want to get this program, rather than simply closing programs, clearing cache and other basic things that JetBoost does? The answer is simple: because it does it quickly, efficiently and it’s reversible. JetBoost is here to shut down unnecessary programs down while you’re working, gaming or simply needing a boost, but then start them up again later! That way, you can focus on what’s important and get back to your regular computer and its processes later.  All you do is press “restore” and it takes it back to its previous state. It also does everything in one click. Rather than looking around for which programs to close, JetBoost has a list ready for you. It also cleans RAM and clears your clipboard.


After “boosting” your computer, you can hide JetBoost in Windows tray by simply pressing the “close” button. The software is then hidden and running the background with very minimal usage of your system resources.

JetBoost is extremely light on system resources.

As you can see, JetBoostTray.exe uses very little processing memory and directly compliments its primary purpose, to reduce physical memory usage.

Wrap Up

The primary purpose of JetBoost is to give you a little boost while you work or game. It does exactly that and it does it very well. It picks out unnecessary programs or services automatically and closes them, while also allowing you to shut off some extra programs running – and all this only temporarily so you can get back on track later!

Although it’s very clear that JetBoost does its job very well, I haven’t found it quite useful yet. I have a newer laptop and haven’t experienced much lagging in working or gaming, so using this program and gaming some Skyrim made little to no difference to me. However, I could say that if you have a computer that experiences lagging, JetBoost is an excellent program and will help you a lot. There are only two places for improvement in this software: providing a more detailed report on performance before and after; the ability to keep the programs closed permanently rather than temporarily.


JetBoost speeds up your computer by freezing processes and programs that aren't required for core Windows functions, allowing more system resources to be allocated to games or intensive programs.