Soothe Yourself Into a Slumber With Sleep for Windows Phone

The hardest thing I go through everyday is to go to bed. Not waking up from bed in the morning, that’s hard too, but go to bed and sleep every night. I know it sounds weak but for some people it is hard to get a good night’s sleep, don’t you agree?

Sleep is a dream come true for most of u as it contains a wide collection of sounds which can be configured with extra tones to induce a peaceful sleep.

Getting Started

It is easy to find Sleep in the Windows Marketplace. It has got the most positive ratings for a sleep related app and it has five stars! Plus hey, it is free and not ad supported. Yay!

Since the app contains a a whole lot of sounds and a tiny set of images, the download size is a whopping 60MB. So it took quite a while in my internet connection. Good that Windows lets you minimize the download at the background so that you can continue with your daily mobile stuff.

First Run

Sleep has a very adorable logo with a crescent moon with two stars in a blue sky-like background. Such a kiddie logo and maybe their aim is to make us sleep like a baby.

During the first run, the app asks you if it is okay to run under locked screen. You can enable it so that you can go to sleep after you enable the app and lock your mobile. Else, it will stop after your phone locks automatically.

User Interface

There is nothing much to comment about the user interface. There are no touch sensitive gestures. It is a simple and a plain design with the base sounds on the bottom and the accent sounds in the middle. You can hide the accent sounds whenever you want so that you wouldn’t find a cluttered screen.

The top panel lets you increase or decrease the sound. That is a big help since the volume adjusting buttons in my Windows phone isn’t working properly anymore. And hey, a tiny round button below that lets you set the sleep timer.

Sleep Timer

The sleep timer in Sleep gives you the option of turning itself off after it runs for a specific time. Yes, the same definition of a timer. It can be set according to your sleep cycle from 5 minutes to infinity.

You can choose anything in between like 45 minutes or 60 minutes. But there are no custom settings which isn’t a bad thing. You cannot set 43 minutes or 94 minutes. There is no point in that, right? After you set the timer, it says Zzz in x minutes which is just cute.

Base Sounds

The base sounds are soothing sounds edited and mixed by the people at Sleep. According to the information in the app, the base and the accent sounds are mixed, edited and submitted by the community. Cheers to the people of that community and Sleep. The sound is so much clear that when you close your eyes and listen to it, you can actually picture the scenario.

Genres of Base Sounds

Sleep has given us a bundle of good solacing sounds. The base sounds are the sounds which runs consistently in the background when the app is running. They could be anything like the sound of rain, wind, fire etc. They have made sure the sounds are soothing enough to make us sleep peacefully.

Sleep has included ten base sounds in this version. The sounds include white noise, city, driving, ocean, fan, birds, rain, fire, wind and clock. Ten is a fair number because when you add it with accent sounds, you get tons of combinations. Plus you can pin any base sound to the startup and and play the song directly from there.

Accent Sounds

The accents sounds are the sounds which you could add to the base sounds. They have selected a good deal of accents which would be perfect for the base. They include thunder, frogs, wind, crickets and chimes.

When combined with the base sounds, they do wonders. Let’s say you like the sound of rain. After a while it may sound uninteresting and boring. Just add thunder or cricket to it and it takes the base to a whole new dimension — it sounds more real.

Sleep has made sure that the accent sounds are heard at proper intervals. They have neither overdid it nor made it too frequent. It is the correct mix for a calm slumber.

The same set of accent sounds can be applied to any base sound of your choice. To add, press < arrow in the middle of the screen and tap on one or more accent sounds to add to the existing base sounds. The more the better in my opinion.

Personal Favourites

Let’s talk about the spooky stuff now. Enable clock and add thunder to it. Picture you are in a dark room and all you can hear is the clock’s tic-tic and thunder outside. It sure will creep you out.

Now, replace or add chimes to it and it is much easier to make someone cry. The point I’m trying to make here is that it is not only meant to make people sleep. It is also meant to give someone the creeps.

Practically, any base would go with any accent sound. I personally liked birds with crickets and thunder — makes you feel like living amongst animals in a forest. Fire with chimes and wind is awesome too.


I saw no drawbacks in this app whatsoever, maybe because I fell totally in love with it the moment I started using it. The base sounds cover all the classic soothing tones which could actually sleep to like a baby.

The fact that it is a free app gains an extra point. If you have a disturbed sleep and want to sleep peacefully, I strongly recommend you download this app and give it a try. I give it a 9/10.


Sleep is a sound mixer that combines 10 soothing base sounds with accompanying accent sounds to provide you with a good nights sleep, Pin your favorite base sounds to the start screen by long pressing the tile for quick access to your favorite soothing sounds!

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