Shush the Kids With Shapes Coloring Book

Kids these days are hard to be entertained. Else, they keep bothering you and everybody needs a peace of mind then and there, right? Children between the age of two to five love to color. That is an established fact. There are not enough coloring books in the world for them. Of course you can let them use MS Paint. But having them see a computer screen for so long bothers me somehow.

This is where Shapes Coloring Book comes in to the picture. It is a Windows mobile app which consists of a lot of pictures for the kids to color. Of course that is not all it offers? Let’s take a quick look.

Finding The App

Shapes Coloring Book is a new and upcoming app which I accidentally found in the Windows Marketplace. I have no idea how to keep my niece busy and this sure did came to my rescue.

The mobile app has only 50+ reviews and those reviews are pretty good considering the fact that it has a 4.5 star ratings. I was happy that it works in the Windows 7.5 OS since most apps, that I was really interested in, worked only in Windows 8 and sadly, I couldn’t update my phone. The app weighs just 3 MB and so, it will download in less than a minute.

The First Run

Shapes Coloring Book has a very colorful and an attractive loading screen. Any kid would just fall in love with that. The background picture is the same as the logo of the app. It is a colored, small duck in a landscape. The background is just perfect for the app and the kids.

When you run it for the first time, the screen has 3×3 tiles in the middle which consists of shortcuts for fresh uncolored pictures. At the top are three tiles which displays recently colored picture, any new picture they have drawn or something like that. At the bottom are the ads just like all the free apps in the Marketplace. Let’s be happy that the apps are kids friendly and nothing is inappropriate.

Bubbly Pictures

Shapes Coloring Books has more than 70 pictures for the kids to color from. The pictures are simple and it covers the entire screen of the phone so that children cannot miss coloring any part of the picture.

When I mean the pictures are simple, I mean they are not very curvy or very artsy. They are constructed with easy shapes like triangle for a girl’s frock or a leaf in a flower. The pictures are creative and inviting. Seeing this, they might actually get an idea of how to draw simple pictures.

Some of the pictures include a pizza, smiley face moon with a bunch of stars, a ship in the sea, a snow man, an ice cream cone. They just look adorable after your kids color them.

How To Color?

This is the part where the app shines and stands out from the physical coloring book. To start coloring, choose a picture from the home screen of the app. As I said earlier, the outline of the picture appears in the screen.

At the bottom of the picture there are four options and the first one is the one you need for coloring. Shapes Coloring Book has multiple options here. There is a paintbrush, a paint bucket, an option for spray painting and a lot more!

The paintbrush acts the same way as it does in the MS Paint. If you want your kid to learn to color inside boundaries, you can choose this option. The app traces the finger movements very precisely. The paint bucket is very apt for backgrounds and the spray brush for textures. Children will just go crazy here!

The paintbrush, spray paint and the eraser’s size can be changed at will. There is the smallest to the fairly largest. This is quite helpful when they have to color the eyes or tiny parts of the picture. If your kid makes a mistake, he/she can very well undo it or erase it off.

Color Palette

The coloring palette in this app is simply amazing, I must say. To choose a color for your brush, they just have to tap on the colored circle next to the brush options.

The app has a basic palette which consists of all the colors from brown to white. I don’t know why there was no black in the palette. The colors are tiled, bright and not confusing.

The interesting options are gradients and textures. The gradients suits perfectly for a lot of pictures like flowers and tress. And the textures, there are stones, sky, grass, running water and a lot of others. They are a perfect fit for ground and sky. This is where the kids can unleash their creativity.

Children can choose one of these options and just tap on the picture. The whole image gets a magical feel and I’m pretty sure they’ll love trying every one of those textures and gradients. If the child needs to draw a picture on his/her own, there is an option for that too!

Stamps And Importing Pictures

The fun thing about this app is that you can import pictures from your mobile gallery and do all the painting in that. Kids can draw a mustache or a ribbon and they can do all the fun stuff on it.

If they don’t want to draw on the picture, they can very well add stamps to it. They are very peppy and attractive. All you have to do is choose a stamp, set a size and tap where ever the stamps need to appear. There are over 30 stamps to choose from and some of them include an apple, hat, frog, mushroom, star, sun etc. You can also brag about your child’s creation by sending the picture to your friends and family via message.


Shapes Coloring Book is an excellent app for kids who have an eye for drawing and coloring. It has an awful lot of features for a free app and I strongly suggest you give it a try. I give it a 9/10.


Get 72 coloring pages with funny characters made out of shapes. Helps develop abstract thinking while playing.