Sharpen Your Mind With Wordament

Word games are not for everyone. But if you like word games, I found a fun but challenging game that will make your brain spin called Wordament.

Wordament is a designed by Microsoft Studios and is one of their finest works and I absolutely loved playing it. The game is simply amazing and is really is one of a kind. I might be over selling it but when you play it, I’m sure most of you will feel the same way. Now, let me give you a quick gist of what the game is all about.


In Wordament, you have to create words with the bunch of letters the game offers. The words are constructed or displayed in a 4×4 tile. Ergo, there are 16 letters in total. It is amazing how 16 words can make up such a large amount of words.

In order to create a word, you have to drag your finger along the screen and connect the letters together. You can connect letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally and hey, you can connect the letters as long as the respective tile is in any of the corners.

So, you can make a left swipe, move it diagonally to the right and you move it to the left again – more like a Z. This might create an illusion of the game being easy since as long as the letter is near, you can create a word. But this is what makes the game very hard to play.

Getting Started

Firstly, you need an internet connection to play this game. It is so because Wordament saves the player’s stats and ranks all the players based on their points.

Secondly, the player should have an Xbox live account. Once you load the game, it gives you a lengthy player tag. You can change the tag name once for free by logging in to your Xbox live account. All the details are displayed right on the homescreen. So, don’t worry about it.

Once you sign in with your Xbox live account, Wordament displays your avatar at the background if you have any. The app provides two themes namely saturated and monochrome. Saturated gives a blue background and that is the default one. If you switch it to Monochrome, the background changes in to black and white. Nice design, but there is nothing much to talk about it.

Wordament breaks down into three major screen. The main screen displays the player stats along with the best ranking he has got. It also displays the best word count, best game score, total words and things like that, you know.


The screen next to that displays Frenemies. The Frenemies are chosen by you specifically. Every time you finish off a puzzle, the game displays the points you have scored, the number of words that you have guessed, the actual number of words that could have been formed with the tile, the common words and the obscure words found by the users.

After, say 15 seconds, the app displays the players who have scored the most number of points in that puzzle. It also shows your rank and the people who have scored near to you. By tapping on the players, you add them to your frenemies list and each time you beat them, you get a notification and if you beat all your Frenemied, you unlock an Achievement.

The time between the words founds, stats and the next puzzle is exactly 40 seconds and you can’t alter that. It is quite irritating when you look for the words you missed and before you can read the whole thing, the app changes the screen and displays the stats.


The third screen is Achievements. Every time you do something great in the game, the achievements are unlocked. There are 17 achievements in total and till now, I could unlock just 7.

Some of the achievements includes Beat all your Frenemies, Better than Half which means your are in the top 50% of the players, Spin Cycle which is just using the spin button in the game to mix the letters to find new words. There are a lot others. But explaining everything might be a bit time consuming and you need surprises, right?

One thing I should mention is that you can play Wordament in multiple languages. It supports 13 languages including English, Spanish, French and Italian.

How Hard is the Game?

Let me tell you up straight, it is a hard game to play. It is not actually hard, but excelling at the game is harder than you’d expect. You are given two minutes for a puzzle and you swipe around to find the words.

I agree the board is small, but I couldn’t find more than 30 words in two minutes and it is intimidating when the game shows that players actually found 50-60 words in two minutes.

For every word you find, you gain points appropriately based on the length of the word and the word being common or obscure. You are ranked according to the points you have scored.

Sometimes, a single tile can have two letters grouped together like AN, ER or NG. The objective is to find words incorporating those letters – and other letter too. More words with those letters, more points you get.

And there are theme rounds too. The app tells up upfront there are n number of words with the some theme. If you find those words, the app awards you points pretty generously.

When you are randomly swiping the screen in the hope of finding a word, the app finds out like a boss that we are fooling around and displays You’re Guessing — a smart touch!

Finding words on the board the traditional way is easy. And when I mean the traditional way, I mean finding it horizontally, vertically and across. I’m used to playing that since I was a little kid.

But finding it in zig zag or in a structure of a dollar sign or X is really hard but very stimulating. After a getting disappointed a bit, it gets very interesting and it gets slightly easy. Finally, the number of words you find is increased and that makes the game fun and satisfying.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a brain stimulating and a challenging game which is also quite fun to play, Wordament is the one for you. The game is tricky and anyone who plays it is in for a lot of excitement.


Do you have two minutes to spare? Wordament® is a unique and highly addictive word game: a two-minute long word tournament where you compete in real-time, on the same board, against everyone else currently playing. Each board is unique and alternating rounds offer challenges such as two- and three-letter diagram tiles and theme* puzzles. You can choose to go for the bonus points, try to find the most words possible or earn scoring bonuses by finding longer words. How you play and choose to compete is up to you!

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