Runtastic: Measure,Track and Analyze your Fitness

Personally I’m a fitness freak and a statistics aficionado and this is a story of how I combined both got motivated and started to train for my first marathon using the most powerful Runtastic app on my windows phone.

Ever since I watched Samuel Wanjiru touching the finish line to break the world record in the London marathon, I’ve always wanted to run a marathon and many a times I’ve started my training but a week after that both my energy and motivation peters out into empty vacuous dreams. Last month out of sheer coincidence when I began my training again, I came across Runtastic and there is no looking back after that.

Let us check out some of the awesome features, which makes this the best fitness app that makes an athlete’s training more streamlined, meaningful and helps to stick to the final goal.


Runtastic Start Your Training


Let me start off by stating a fact as plainly as possible; when you run a span of 42 Km you’ll finish your marathon. I on my first day, thinking (mostly out of temerity) that I could easily run 10 Km, failed miserably without ever crossing the 2 Km mark. How did I manage to track this? This is where runtastic comes in. On entering the runtastic app the opening screen has a green start button, and on tapping it the clock begins to tick which keeps track of the time along with the distance ran during this span of time. As a novice runner I always wanted to catch my breath, take a 20 sec break and then continue running, to exclude this, Runtastic allows you to pause sessions which you do not intend to measure, Intuitive isn’t it?


Runtastic Training Analysis

Measuring Performance

One of the most important criterion which every marathoner keeps an eye on especially during training is the pace. Pace measures the time taken to complete a unit distance be it in mile/Km.Pace plays a most important role strategically because every marathoner has his own way of running a marathon. Some runners start the race at a faster pace and slow down at the end, and some follow a ritual of intermittent fast and slow paces. To find your rhythm, the moment you begin your run, Runtastic begins to track the pace and you can vary and experiment different paces to suit your strategy.

Altitude of a marathon course and how you handle them plays a subtle role on one’s performance on a race day. Runtastic measures altitude in terms of altitude gained and lost and plots a graph of how your pace varies according to changing altitudes.

Marathon more than anything is a test of your discipline and one has to be absolutely fit while running a marathon. To get fit one first needs to burn excess calories. Runtastic helps you with measuring how much calories you’ve burnt per session, which effectively helps you to plan your fitness on a long-term basis.


Runtastic Lap Analysis

Social Sharing

After you finish your session of running you can stop and save the session on the application. Runtastic also allows you to save a session under your account on to the official Runtastic Website. One of the best parts I love is the social sharing, Runtastic allows you to share your training sessions with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

After registering an account for yourself on the app, you are automatically given access to the web version of Runtastic, which acts as a repository for all your training history. The web app helps you to further more drill down and analyze your training performance through intuitive and interactive graphs measuring crucial parameters against other vital race factors.


Runtastic Map

Personal Trainer

Runtastic is much more than a fitness app, to me personally, it is an awesome personal trainer. As the saying goes the difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little extra, we all need that extra push which helps us to conquer the unachievable. The Voice feedback feature on Runtastic motivates you by giving you feedbacks regularly on a preset time or distance. Runtastic does more than social sharing, it allows you to share your performance live to your family and friends so that they can cheer you up and inspire you to go the extra mile.

Runtastic not only makes fitness apps but also fitness tracking devices such as heart rate monitor and fitness armbands that could be easily integrated with your phone for effective tracking.


Runtastic Activity History

Wrap up

Runtastic is truly a holistic fitness app which supports an array of sports such as cycling, Nordic walking, hiking, skating, surfing and swimming to name a few.It’s been just a month since I’ve started my training and guess what? Tracking and analyzing with runtastic has really helped to strategize my training for long term and the insights, which the application gives, has helped me to realize my full potential to achieve my goals.


With Runtastic, Track, Measure and Analyse your fitness and sports training on your Windows Phone.