The 6 Wunderkinder team are an interesting lot. They seem to me kind of like the A-Team of developers; members plucked from all around the world, stuffed together with the aim of creating something new, something shiny. What did they start with? The To-do list.

..and to be honest, their first shot was pretty good.

The first version of Wunderlist was a wonderful piece of design. We’ve mentioned Wunderlist many times here at Appstorm, and for what seemed like the first time with such a well-designed app, the Windows app was also up to scratch. Couple that with cross-platform syncing, notes, multiple categories and more, Wunderlist became one of the number one recommendations for a productivity app since its release.

Wunderlist 1 has been downloaded more than 5.5 million times, with over three million registered users. That is quite a haul, and I’m not surprised. Through such popularity, 6Wunderkinder have since focused further on developing their productivity platform, with an eye for multi-user collaboration, better project management, and more. This became Wunderkit.


Wunderkit came to being as 6wunderkinder’s answer to project management, with focus on collaboration between users, including commenting, notes, and more. It was to be their next foray in to productivity, but did not make the same impact that Wunderlist did.

The idea was solid, but it seemed that the leap from Wunderlist 1 to Wunderkit did not make current Wunderlist users as keen as 6Wunderkinder thought. There was simply no room for both Wunderlist and Wunderkit, especially when the design of both seemed so similar. The fact that Wunderkit was Wunderlist & more did not approach people as well as it would have done if they had simply given Wunderlist more and kept the entire product as one.

As you can already tell by now, Wunderlist 2 is exactly that. 6Wunderkinder have brought the features and functions from Wunderkit and brought them to the masses of Wunderlist users.

So what has Wunderlist 2 got in store for us? Let’s take a look:

Brand New Design

First up, Wunderlist 2 looks familiar, rather similar to the first Wunderlist in fact, surprising I know. Whilst they’ve followed their original design pretty closely, if you look a little bit closer, a couple of subtle aesthetic changes have been made so as to incorporate the new features in to the app, the result of which is seamless integration of new features.

Reminders, Due Dates and Recurring Tasks

One feature that I’ve certainly been waiting for for a while is the ability to set reminders and recurring activities. There are usually a number of tasks that I would end up doing once every day/couple of days or more, and the ability to set recurring tasks is as simple as it can be. When you are entering your task, simply click on the calendar icon next to the task. There are two tabs available: Due date and reminder. The due date’s a familiar one, featuring in the original Wunderlist, which just puts a due date next to the task and would appear in your “Today” list when it comes around.

At the bottom of the first tab is the ability to set the repeat; every day, week, month and year. Sadly, there’s no ability to select certain days of the week to repeat the task, nor when the repeated tasks should end. This would appear to still be a more calendar app applicable feature.

The reminder feature is straightforward, allowing you to set a reminder for any task at and time on any day. This reminder can appear in a number of ways, see “The Notifications” below.

All these features, plus more, are available on your already created tasks as well. A simple click on the tasks will bring up a side-bar with a more comprehensive view of Wunderlist’s new functions. Again, we can set due dates/recurrences and reminders.

Subtasks and Notes

A welcome feature to 2.0 is the ability to assign subtasks to any task. This is exactly what it means. If, for instance, you have one overbearing task to complete, but it can be broken up in to smaller tasks (an essential method for making those overbearingly large tasks manageable) you can do so right here.

Finally, the notes feature has been souped up a bit from the previous version. You can now detach the note itself and edit it independently (though still linked) from its parent task.

The Notifications – Email and in-App

There’s a common issue with a lot of GTD/To-do list apps on both OSX and Windows and you browser, and that’s an issue of introversion. One of the more important features nowadays of a lot of apps is the ability to notify the user out of the app’s focus, or even if the app isn’t even running. If something such as a to-do list or calendar app does not have a way of notifying the user when tasks are due, they really do not have proper reminders.

Wunderlist’s new notifications allow you to be reminded of certain tasks, either as the due date passes, or a custom-reminder is set, either through in app notifications or email notifications. You can find an example of both below.


One of the defining features of Wunderkit that has now made its way over to Wunderlist 2.0 is user collaboration. Inviting people to your new lists is fairly simple, involving inviting them by email or by their Wunderlist user account if they already have one.

From then, the creation of tasks, subtasks, reminders and notes is as normal as if you were doing it on your own.

Final Verdict.

There’s no doubt about it, Wunderlist 2.0 is bigger and better than the original. The design has been nailed, several features from the unfortunately not-as-popular Wunderkit have been integrated in to the new app, and everything old and new has been polished.

Now, this is not exactly a bad thing about Wunderlist 2.0, but I have a feeling that some of the features brought in from Wunderkit, such as user collaboration and more functional project management, would also be left unused, falling to the same issue Wunderkit had with getting off the ground.

The merging of both projects is certainly a victory for 6Wunderkinder, and a smart decision on their part. I’m definitely looking forward to what they come up with next.


Fresh off the merge with Wunderkit's features, Wunderlist 2.0 brings the productivity app back and better than ever.