VueMinder: The Best Windows Calendar

I love calendars. And when I say I love calendars, I mean I LOVE them. If there is a calendar app for a platform I use, I have used that app. One of my favorite calendar programs happens to be a desktop app for Windows called VueMinder. I used the free trial last fall and quickly fell in love with VueMinder and bought a Pro license.

VueMinder boasts itself as “the best calendar program for Windows” and I tend to agree. Let’s find out what sets VueMinder apart from other calendar apps.

Getting Started with VueMinder

The initial setup is a walk in the park – Download the Lite or trial version and go through the installation wizard. Once VueMinder is installed, you are ready to start adding your calendar(s).

Adding any calendar is easy, whether it’s local to your machine or a Google Calendar, and it’s all done from the File menu. Setting up your calendars only takes a few minutes and then you’re on to customization, which is where VueMinder really stands out.


One of VueMinder’s best features is the incredible customization. You can change properties for each calendar, set event defaults, update hotkeys, change the app’s theme, set default reminder preferences, configure email reminders and so much more.

VueMinder’s intense levels of customization is one thing that really makes it stand out from competitors.

I’m a person who craves color to help differentiate workflows – I have a separate color for each calendar, and then individual tasks are sometimes given a unique color. For example, I have a reminder set up to send tweets for one of my jobs every Tuesday and Thursday, and you can see that they are aqua so they stand out from other events.

My 3 week view of all calendars

Custom View: 3 week view of all calendars

Reminders & Recurring Events

Two other features that makes VueMinder stand out is how it handles reminders and repeat events. Other apps like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar have both of these features, but they aren’t as powerful as what VueMinder offers.

You can set default reminder settings for each calendar and you can set a reminder for each event in multiple ways, including pop up, desktop alert, email, text message, phone call and even launch a program. Customize your reminder with pictures, music or even embedded webpages. And of course, VueMinder offers a snooze option when you need additional reminders. Recently snoozed and dismissed reminders can be displayed quickly.

Reminder popup in VueMinder

Reminder popup in VueMinder

Recurring events are sometimes a pain if they repeat in an odd way, and some apps don’t allow for this at all. For instance, you can’t get Remember the Milk to have an event that repeats on the second Thursday of each month – but you can with VueMinder. Any possible way that you need to set up a recurring event, VueMinder can do it.

Desktop Calendars

Another unique feature is the desktop calendar, available in full and mini views. You can access your calendar straight from the desktop, and even view and add events. And of course, you can completely customize the appearance of both the mini and full desktop calendars.

Full Desktop Calendar in VueMinder

Full Desktop Calendar in VueMinder

This is a great feature for those of us with dual monitors – I keep my calendar on my right desktop for easy access.

Versions & Pricing

VueMinder has three versions: Lite (Free), Pro ($49.95) and Ultimate ($79.95).

The Lite version is available for both business and personal use. The biggest limitation with the Lite version is you can only sync to Google Calendar one way. So if you’re dependent on web calendars, you will have to pony up for the Pro or Ultimate version.

Some features available in the Pro and Ultimate versions include 2 way sync with Google Calendar, syncing tasks with Google Calendar, customization for calendars and events, setting a default reminder and send email reminders via SMTP.

The features only available in Ultimate are syncing with Microsoft Exchange, sharing over LAN and defining custom input fields. You can see the full comparison between VueMinder versions at their website.

Discount Licenses Available

Another great thing about VueMinder is the discounts. They offer a Competitive discount, at 35% off for customers that are currently using a competiting (commercial) product. They also offer a Non-Profit discount pricing, with licenses starting at $23.97. And if you’re a church, you can get a free license.

I purchased my Pro license with an educational discount for 30% off.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you agree that it’s the best calendar app for Windows, it’s easy to see just how powerful VueMinder is. There are competing apps available, but even Microsoft Outlook can’t hold a candle to VueMinder. Take VueMinder for a test drive today and see just how easy your life can be.


VueMinder is a powerful desktop calendar app for Windows.