Pagico: A Worthwhile Organiser?

You may not think you’re a very organised person, but, subconsciously we all use some sort of technique to organize and prioritize our life — things like shopping lists, Post-it notes and a simple calendar are great examples.

Organisation is part of everyday life and we couldn’t function without it. It allows us to plan ahead, remember specific dates and times which in turn saves us effort and drama. Can Pagico help you organize your life? Let’s find out!

As a writer, I can’t just jump into an article without planning. I always set out a key route I’m going to take, breaking the article down into chunks and working out what I want say. Without this I always suffer from writer’s block, causing the article to drift off and confuse the reader.

That’s just a small piece of organisation. To cope with this fast paced world and get organized, we have plenty of apps at our disposal. Pagico is a tool which does just that and might be for you! Read on to find out more!


“Time is the scarcest resource; and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.” Peter F.Drucker

Pagico is an app which allows you manage all your tasks, projects and contacts through a simple Mac Style database system. Being able to easily add certain events/dates with helpful notes is the basic principle of the app.

Pagico comes in three reasonably priced packages: Planner, Professional and People. Pricing starts at $20 per month for People, to $50 per month for Professional. Each of the price bands allows you to use different facilities suited towards a certain purpose.

The Different Price Packages Available!

Today, I’ll be looking at the People package. Do keep in mind that all packages are available for download through a 15 day free trial – a way to gain reassurance before forking out. Pagico is available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.

The Interface

If you’ve used OS X before, you’ll feel right at home here. Pagico utilizes the same layout and colour scheme. Needless to say, the app looks professional and well designed. The whole app is based around a dashboard system which allows you to add certain to-dos onto a timeline structure.

The Dashboard Design for Pagico!

Personally, I love the dashboard design which has been implemented onto Pagico. It’s a well set out base to control everything that’s happening in your life.

Adding Tasks and Contacts

Adding tasks on Pagico is a breeze. By providing you with self-explanatory options, the app seems very versatile.

Creating Tasks Is Child’s Play!

A single button click and off you go adding anything to your dashboard quickly. Inputting descriptions, dates and colour coding your certain to-dos allows you to sort between the different tasks instantly.

This Is What A Completed Task Will Look Like!

After filling in all the boxes, your task will be added to the timeline along with your other reminders. This timeline shows everything and is very helpful in reminding you to do certain jobs.

The Timeline Which Displays Tasks!

You can also add contacts on Pagico, creating fact files for each one and any task associated with them. Contacts will then become integrated into your main timeline.

Contact Profile!

The button the arrow is pointing to allows you to display a PowerPoint Presentation of everything concerned with the specific contact – an easy way to jog your memory!

Features Worth Mentioning

Pagico contains a wealth of additional features, below are some I thought you should know about!

  • Workspaces. These allow you to connect all your colleagues/friends into one big project. Uploading files and dates of meetings will allow businesses to connect between each other quickly – keeping all of their work in one safe space, organised and clear. You add people to a workspace by using an invitation code – this saves the trouble of making a password.

Setting Up A Meeting In The Workspace

  • Syncing between different computers is key. All of us probably have more than one device for viewing the internet and for $5 extra Pagico can do that. The database is also “cross-platform compatible.” Meaning you could work on your Mac at Home and access the same database at work on your PC, for instance.
  • Available for iPad. After buying from the app store for $6.99 you can again work from a different platform.


All of us would love to be more organised. Being more organised means we complete tasks for deadlines; not miss them. Pagico is a tool which is great for fitting into your everyday life. It’s well designed and provides a service which is simple, but highly effective.

Even if you don’t fancy blindly investing money every month, give the free trial a shot to experience the software for fifteen days. It may just take your fancy!

Tell us what you think of Pagico and how you stay organised in your everyday life. We would love to know!


As a helpful and easy to use organiser, Pagico can help you in your everyday life!