Newseen is a Windows 8 news reader like no other

Over the last year we’ve seen the quality of Windows 8 applications gradually increase and now that Windows 8.1 is on the horizon, we’re starting to see some unique apps that really set the platform apart.

Newseen is one of these apps, which has a unique view on how to read news and does the job much better than many fully-fledged RSS readers on the internet.


Simply put, Newseen is an intelligent news reader that uses your Twitter account to determine what you’re interested in automatically or allows you to specify simply what categories you’re interested in. Once you’ve connected your account or told Newseen what you’re interested in, it’ll get the latest news from across those categories and present the stories in a simple and consistent way.


You’re able to click on a story and quickly view the full article inline without leaving the app or click a button that launches your default browser. Additionally, the app has full charm integration so if you have Twitter or Mail installed, you can simply share a story by swiping to the side and clicking share while reading a story. Finally, those charms are making sense!

Here’s the killer feature, though. Unlike most other news readers or RSS readers, Newseen does things a little differently. The app automatically looks at stories across the categories you chose, analyzes which ones are about the same topic and then groups them all together so that you don’t see the same story more than once. If you click on the story, you’ll get the automatically determined best one, but you also have the option of choosing another source. It’s our favorite thing, because there’s nothing worse than seeing the same story¬†over and over¬†as all your favorite sites catch up.


Not only are there smarts for sorting the stories properly, the app actually analyzes what the people you follow on Twitter have been saying about the story and presents them in a subtle way. It surprised me at first, but I loved it because it really encourages you to engage with what the people you follow are tweeting about. It also shows your friends that tweeted about the article as a “source” and allows you to engage with them directly from there.


The application also comes with plenty of themes and allows you to customize a handful of settings about the way that news is displayed. If, like us, you’re addicted to keeping up with the latest news there’s a fantastic pinned mode that streams in the latest news on the side of your screen in real time.


If you didn’t think Newseen could get any better, it’s actually free! In the free version there are occasional advertisements, but if you’re really sold on the app there’s a pro tier where you can pay for up to six months without ads. We think it’s a fantastic deal for just how feature rich it is.

Newseen is built by the folks at B-side software and can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store for PC’s running either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Go get it now!