Metro: Last Light Review – Fast, Scary and Touching

In 2010, Metro 2033 redefined the meaning of silence and stillness. From impending action to lurking danger, Metro 2033 bent the perception of silence, darkness and stillness towards evil. Now, in 2013, the sequel to Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, is in my hands and I feel the same energy in it as in its predecessor.

Metro: Last Light has been looking good in teasers and commercials, but does it actually perform? Well, after playing it thoroughly and patiently, the way this FPS is meant to be played, I can say that it almost hits the spot. Let’s find out how!

What Clicks

The beauty of Metro: Last Light lies in the fact that the game resurrects the original’s atmosphere and grit with panache. Moscow hasn’t changed. The Moscow constructed in Metro 2033 is still the mysterious, scary, haunting place that dictated the success of the first installment in this series. With Metro: Last Light, post-apocalyptic Moscow of 2034 reemerges with all the elements intact, making Last Light another winner of sorts.

Moscow will never be the same..

Essentially, Metro Last Light feels as a sequel, and captures the pulse of the original game accurately. The undertone of terror, foreboding and evil lurking at every corner is what gives the game its characteristic feel. The game turns out to be a good mix of fast paced action and slow, deliberate game play where you dwell into your surroundings and the context of your every action. Other than the mutated entities you encounter in the game, the brewing politics among other surviving human factions makes the plot interesting. Throw in some moral choices which can affect the outcome of the game, and you have a fairly good mix of variables.

THAT looks shiny!

Last Light also picks from the original in terms of combat, guns and ammunition. I made a good use of downright killing and smart, stealthy tactics in the game, and I must stay, stealth was always more satiating. Also, the importance of conserving ammo, gas masks and other essential resources added another dimension to the FPS. Put in the dangers while exploring any area, the constant threat of human enemies and mutants, and it became a gripping adventure for me.

What Doesn’t

While Last Light scores in the crucial areas, it does fail in some aspects too. I particularly felt that it started out great as a story but lost all depth along the way. The last couple of hours were exceptionally bland and the game had deteriorated from a careful, well thought out plot to a plain, otherworldly façade. I definitely felt that the plot could be up-scaled in the middle of the game, but that never happened.

I could sneak up on you, you know I could. I didn’t. Blam!

The AI is another area where the game falters, albeit not in a game breaking way. At some instants, I felt as if the AI was lagging the pace of the game and not adding value to the experience. In between the game, I realized that stealth was the bane of this game, it was too easy to sneak up on enemies and finish them off. Almost all of the stealth-based missions were a farce, and this killed the fun for me. For a singleplayer game, the AI needs to be top notch, and this is something missing from Last Light.

Well, hello there

On the other hand, if you account for AI of the mutants, it is way too overpowered in some situations. While this was a welcome change, I could not settle with the fact that basically, I was scared of the mutants because of the OP AI, and not because of the element of surprise and revulsion. Frankly, that was disappointing. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that humans have been shown to be way dumber than mutated insects in Metro: Last Light.


Metro: Last Light does leave some stones unturned in its efforts to deliver an impressive sequel to Metro 2033. I would not say that the game is a total disappointment. In fact, it is impressive and deserves a 7. However, especially when I consider the fact that the same AI issues marred a perfect experience in its predecessor, I am bound to say that a better job could be done with the game.

And thus, I give a final rating of 7 to Metro Last Light. I hope you enjoyed reading the review, and if you have anything to add, please feel free to comment below. Do let us know how epic your experience with the game was. Until next time, happy gaming!


Sequel to Metro 2033, an acclaimed singleplayer FPS shooter.