Master Shortcuts with KeyRocket

As of right now, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of workers developing new software and upgrading current ones such as the Microsoft Office applications. While improvements in these applications do allow us to produce higher quality work, it is hard for users of the previous versions to adapt and be able to navigate through the various interfaces to use certain features (e.g. preparing a footnote or writing a proper function). For those of you who wish for a single button that you could simply press to make your life easier, you should check out KeyRocket.

Whether you are writing an essay or collecting data, KeyRocket effectively increases your productivity level. KeyRocket is a software tool that provides its user with a plethora of keyboard shortcuts. It eliminates the need for an extensive search through the task bar to find a simple function. It only takes a minute to be able to enjoy KeyRocket and its many great features.


Getting KeyRocket on your computer is easy and fast; KeyRocket is available for a free download at their website.


Installation was quick and easy — it only took a few moments!


When you first start up KeyRocket, its interface may seem intimidating. There are various preset shortcuts that you can try out right away. However, as you get more and more familiar with the program, making changes to certain shortcuts will be a breeze.

Key Features

KeyRocket gets right into things. Upon using a function such as bolding or italicizing, this program intuitively displays the function’s keyboard shortcut for the user to learn. It also offers the choice to create a custom shortcut for the function, which will be discussed later.

Intuitively shows you what the keyboard shortcut is for certain functions

KeyRocket increases your efficiency by providing you with only the necessary shortcuts. KeyRocket’s auto-detection feature saves time by automatically bringing up your frequently used functions. Some of the basic functions that can be put into a keyboard shortcut are shown below:

KeyRocket’s custom shortcut creation is unarguably the most useful aspect in the program. There are often functions that you need to use frequently; however, these functions may not already have shortcuts. KeyRocket’s custom shortcut creation allows you to make up your own shortcut. You may input any combination of keys and set it to perform a certain function.

customshort keyr

Create your own custom shortcuts

However, the custom shortcut creation may only be used on a select few applications. These include: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.


KeyRocket runs on Microsoft Windows and is compatible with many programs that a typical office worker would use. KeyRocket works with the entire Microsoft Office Collection (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) as well Windows Visual Studio. It runs in English, French, German,Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

KeyRocket can be set to run upon Windows start up. It is also set to work in the background, thus using minimal memory and other system resources. Multiple programs can be used simultaneously along with KeyRocket; KeyRocket does not attach itself to a single application. That means you can enjoy KeyRocket’s keyboard shortcuts in Word, Excel, and Visual Studio all at the same time.

multiple kr

Works simultaneously with multiple programs


The functions offered by KeyRocket are generally built-in to the application (e.g. Underlining in Word with Ctrl + U) and its keyboard shortcuts are usually shown in the task bar. Still, KeyRocket is useful for creating faster and more accessible shortcuts for those who repetitively use them.


KeyRocket is packaged at $29 CAD per user (discounts available for enterprises for multiple purchases). The package includes an extra 40 shortcuts that are not originally included in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visual Studio, a personal statistics dashboard, continuous updates for a year, and premium support through telephone and email.

KeyRocket offers statistics for tracking learning success

Personal Statistics Dashboard

KeyRocket offers a 14-day free trial to use before purchasing the full program.


KeyRocket is a somewhat useful program that saves its user time from searching for various functions in certain applications. I recommend this program for the average office worker because they often use applications such as Word and Excel. I would not recommend KeyRocket for household use because its’ features are not worth $29. However, it is best to use the free trial to see if KeyRocket is suited for you.


KeyRocket allows you to easily create and access keyboard shortcuts for use in many applications such as the Microsoft Office programs.